HSN Bio is one of the lines of organic products and natural supplements created by HSN.

Among this range, we can find organic foods and supplements as well as Bio products.

HSN operates in an environmentally friendly way while providing its customers with a series of products that guarantee only the best environmental practices and the highest level of biodiversity during the production process, safeguarding as many natural resources as possible that nature offers.

All of the HSN Bio products have a certification that guarantees that all organic norms and standards, as well as animal well-being, have been followed during production.

HSN Bio foods respond to the needs of those consumers who seek and pursue a healthy lifestyle with the concern of preserving the environment.

The new range of products HSN Bio has a wide range of possibilities for even the most demanding consumer who is always looking for the highest quality guaranteed.

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    100% Virgin coconut oil. Organic product. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
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    100% organic peanut butter with a crunchy or smooth texture. It provides vegetable proteins, vitamins, minerals, and unsaturated fats. 100% roasted organic peanuts.
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