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Himalaya is a company with a tradition of developing food supplements based on herbal extracts, for more than 90 years.

Pioneers in herbal product development!

Table of contents

How was Himalaya founded?

Himalaya was founded in 1930, when Mr. M. Manal, the founder of the company, observed an elephant in a Burmese village feeding itself with a plant root.

Fascinated by the situation he had just witnessed, he researched and sought scientific support for the effects of the plant. After 4 years of investment, Serpina® the first Himalayan supplement, was born in 1934.

In 1955 Himalaya launched its most famous product: The Liv-52.

Himalaya has evolved from 1930, where its founder had a manual encapsulating device without quality controls, to a magnificent development where the company has the capacity to produce 10 million tablets a day.

Himalaya is synonymous with safety and efficiency in the care of herbal food supplements.

What defines Himalaya?

There is a story behind every Himalaya product: The story of the workers who crafted hard to develop it, the way they manage the business, how they care for, grow and harvest their herbs, the ethics behind their research, and their respect for the land.

Some of the principles that govern their practices are:

Positioning against animal testing

In all its cosmetic products

None has been tested on animals, Himalaya respects life, all life.

Good practices for the land

Himalayan herbs grow organically following good agricultural practices (GAP).

Using mainly natural fertilisers, staying away from exposure to chemical fertilisers or pesticides on their farms.

Himalaya plants grow in an eco-sustainable way.

Training of farmers

All Himalaya staff are trained by the company in its values, mission and vision.

This results in a chemical- and pollution-free growing environment where the best quality of nature is expressed and contributes to the development of effective and safe products, also for all the staff.


Himalaya has a pedigree for all of the plants it grows, which shows:

  • Its availability.
  • The region where they are present
  • The quantity.
  • Other details related to their story

This is monitored and recorded to ensure that no excessive harvesting takes place, preserving the sustainability of the land.

Women's presence at Himalaya

Himalaya is a company with a strong social commitment.

Many of the farm employment programs focus on the generation of employment for women, especially in countries where this practice is unfortunately not standardised or the norm.

Supporting local communities

The vision of Himalaya’s development is holistic.

Therefore, in addition to economic benefit, they seek social benefit as a company mission.

Himalaya invests in traditional agricultural practices in rural areas to create new jobs in less favoured places, avoiding depopulation and rural exodus.

Passion for science

Since the founding of Himalaya with the interest in this root being used for animal domestication, until today, Himalaya’s commitment to modern science has not changed one bit.

Himalaya knows that Ayurveda is a practice that tends to be surrounded by mysticism and pseudo-science, a practice that it confronts head-on.

Himalaya is committed to investing time and energy in science, developing products backed by statistical quality reviews and clinical trials.

A Himalaya supplement takes an average of 7 to 10 years to get to market due to this strict commitment to development.

What Himalaya products will you find at HSN?

At HSN we work as large distributors of Himalaya in Spain and other countries in the European Union.

In our catalogue you will find more than 25 products by the brand, among them the most interesting products, with the best development and the highest quality of the evidence that supports them.

Thanks to the great rotation of products and the great volume of orders that we complete, our prices are the most competitive on the market.

Discover Himalaya products on HSN at the best price!