Drasanvi health, beauty and well-being

Drasanvi is a Spanish company established since 1993 by Oscar López and Rosa Bermejo, that focusses its activity in selling beauty and health products.

Located in the province of León, Drasanvi has open up to the international market with a clear goal: Being the leaders in quality products made from plant and fruit extracts, as well as minerals and vitamins. 

Their philosophy is aimed at producing maximum quality dietary supplements including the latests innovations within the natural dietary sector. For this purpose they have their own R+D+I group integrated by chemists, biologists and nutritionists.

Their objective is based on exploiting to the maximum the properties and benefits offered by natural plant extracts and minerals.

Drasanvi complies with the international certificates ISO 14.001 and ISO 9.001, therefore they respect and are responsible with the preservation of the environment.

Drasanvi products

Within the wide range of products offered by Drasanvi, we can highlight their main product lines:

  • Drasanvi Collmar: which is composed of products both in capsules and powder, made from enzymatically hydrolyzed marine collagen of very low molecular weight, to offer improved results.
  • Drasanvi Nutrabasics: offers a series of products made of a active principle, from which we may highlight folic acid, cranberry, coenzyme Q10, among others.
  • Drasanvi Super Foods: is a product line made from vegetable proteins and pure and natural plant extracts.
  • Drasanvi Vitalpur: is made of supplements based on royal jelly.

All of them are natural dietary supplements extracted from plants and minerals that fulfil the best quality standards and guarantees.

Drasanvi believes in sport

The sport supplements from Drasanvi believe in the best athletes from Spain, offering them quality products to improve their athletic goals.

Their slogan is “Always besides those that make a difference”, Drasanvi collaborates with the Rafa Nadal Foundation and with Rafael Nadal himself. They have participated in the solidarity sport projects that are promoted by the philosophy of this tennis foundation.

Drasanvi also is committed with rhythmic gymnastics, and sponsors some of the members of the Spanish team of rhythmic gymnastics.

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    Food supplement with copper bisglycinate.
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    Cleansing and moisturizing gel. With natural plant extracts. For daily use, perfect for the whole family.
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    Alcohol gel to clean your hands. Easy to use. Without rinse, guaranteed freshness and hygiene.
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    Vegetable extract of sacred bark with cascarosides A. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Gluten-free.
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    Complement with magnesium in tablet form. Gluten-free. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
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