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BPI Sports is a company dedicated to the development of food supplements for athletes, especially for fitness and bodybuilding competitors.

It is an American company, founded in the garage of two friends who are passionate about sports nutrition, in Florida, more than 10 years ago. Today it is one of the largest producers of food supplements for sports nutrition on the international market.

BPI is an unrivalled brand that is governed by high quality standards in production.

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BPI, helps you with the best nutrition

Founded by James Grage as a partner, in 2010, with a clearly defined vision:

To develop the highest quality food supplements, with innovative formulas, aimed at top athletes.

More than a decade later the company continues to grow, expanding its partnerships with specialization in international distribution.

Its high-quality food supplements are now available in more than 100 countries, standing out for their consistent innovation, for the passion of the employees, and for all the brand's customers.

BPI will continue to grow over the next 10 years.

BPI Corporate Vision

 It is based on strong principles that define the company's vision:

  •  To develop the best possible product.
  •  To stay behind the development of the product, pre- and post-sale.
  •  To use the business to inspire and implement solutions for sportsmen and women.

They define their vision as "making a difference".

Why do they do it?

All members of the BPI Sports family are passionate about health and fitness and pursue the best version of themselves.

They want to achieve their fitness goals, helping each of their clients to achieve theirs.

How do they do it?

 It requires discipline and commitment to live healthier and train harder every day.

The development of quality food supplements is no exception, and BPI members are equally committed.


BPI became internationally known for developing one of the most powerful pre-workouts in the worldwide market: "One More Rep (1MR)".

Thanks to the development of this food supplement, BPI was able to continue to grow and invest in its own R&D team, thanks to which it has developed all its exclusive BPI Sports certified quality formulas.

BPI has been recognised for its quality and business practices on many occasions:

  • In 2011 it received the "Breakthrough Brand" award from the prestigious website Bodybuilding.com
  • In the same year it was recognised by GNC as "the rising star of the year".
  • GNC recognised them as the "Brand of the Year" and "Partner of the Year" in 2012.

A career filled with success thanks to their good practices with the development of food supplements.


BPI develops its food supplements in a laboratory certified factory with cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices).

This certification guarantees compliance with the standards of good manufacturing practices that ensure:

  •  The facilities are in good condition.
  •  The equipment is properly maintained and calibrated.
  •  Employees are qualified and fully trained.
  •  The process is traceable and reproducible.

The best premium quality food supplements produced by BPI Sports

What BPI products will you find at HSN?

The famous 1RM, in HSN we loved this pre-workout from the beginning, we only needed to try it the first time to fall in love with its power.

In addition, you will find other specific food supplements of interest, such as:

  •  BCAA.
  •  Proteins.
  •  Creatine.
  •  Gainers.
  •  Free amino-acids.
  •  Energisers.

And much more!

Discover BPI products in your trusted shop, HSN with all the guarantees of quality.

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