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What is Barebells?

Stick to your healthy lifestyle with this brand's protein bars that you can find in our online shop.

This Swedish brand offers a range of protein-rich snack that can help you ensure an optimal level of the nutrient while still satisfying your cravings – a real treat!

Are Barebells protein bars healthy?

The Barebells bar contains 20 grams of protein, with delicious flavours that are sure to make it one of your favourite protein bars for snacking or finishing up your post-gym recovery.

A delicious bar with no added sugar, a source of protein, and with up to five different flavours to choose from: Barebells protein bar Caramel cashew, Salty Peanuts, Cookies and Cream, Hazelnut and Nougat and White Chocolate Almond.

This bar is a great alternative to your protein shake, providing 20 grams per serving!

Where can I buy Barebells protein bars?

Discover the full range in the HSN online shop, where you can pick your favourite flavours and have them delivered quickly to your home.