Amix Musclecore

Amix MuscleCore, the most powerful product line by Amix Nutrition

If you have not heard about Amix Nutrition it means that you are probably new to the world of sport supplementation. We could say that it is one of the most renowned brands in terms of food supplements, a referent in sport nutrition that is different from other brands in its quest for excellence in their products. Quality is its sign of identity, sounds familiar?

Amix Nutrition has no secrets. If you combine top ingredients, the best quality in the production and the most innovative design with a dedicated team, you do not need miracles. Chemists, sport nutritionists, competition athletes and professional athletes lead the strategy of this brand towards absolute success but, what is the key? Here it is.

They ensure the highest quality standards of their products and food supplements. Not in vain, innovation and technology are the two pillars that support the production of supplements by Amix Nutrition. Using the best technology available in the market, they offer a range of food supplements that will provide an added value to the customer.

Like this, Amix Nutrition goes one step further and specializes in food supplements aimed at bodybuilders, fitness and strength athletes through the range Amix MuscleCore, designed for the most demanding workouts.

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Amix MuscleCore, for the most radical athletes

The most hardcore line by Amix Nutrition! Powerlifters, bodybuilders, IFBB athletes, fitness and strength athletes: these supplements were made for you.

In this line, you will find products made with the most powerful formulas in order to make the most of your capacities, enhance the performance and improve the recovery.

The food supplements by Amix MuscleCore will be your companions in the most demanding strength workouts, since they are made by and for competition athletes. Either if you are focused on strength or weightlifting, fitness or bodybuilding, the products by Amix MuscleCore will meet your most specific requirements thanks to the combination of the most powerful ingredients from the market.

This exclusive line is the answer to the real need of developing very specific products for a group of athletes who have specific energy and performance demands, as well as results. That is why Amix MuscleCore keeps developing supplements while following the highest quality standards with patented raw ingredients from all over the world.

If you are a disciplined athlete when it comes to your nutrition and supplementation, Amix MuscleCore offers a range of 10 products designed to enhance the performance with different purposes. All in all, they will help you achieve effective results regardless of your goals.

In this range, you will find pre-workout products (BCAA's), high purity and quality protein for the post-workout (CFM Nitro Protein Isolate or creatine), as well as others for joint health or for an extreme fat loss.

The star product by Amix MuscleCore is the CFM Nitro Protein Isolate, an explosion of five types of creatine that combines purity and quality for the best results.

Top product by Amix MuscleCore; CFM Nitro Protein Isolate

We want to highlight the following products from the line Amix MuscleCore:

  • CFM Nitro Protein Isolate is a high performance protein that has been produced through an advanced technique known as CFM (Cross-Flow Microfiltration). It allows us to preserve a high purity of the protein. Currently, CFM Nitro Protein Isolate is one of the purest proteins available, since it has been made with Glanbia CFM®, an ingredient that is considered one of the best whey isolates due to its aminogram and bioavailability. Combining the CFM technology and the quality of the ingredients results in CFM Nitro Protein Isolate, one of the best products for high performance athletes.
  • Myo Test-V3 is a powerful hormone enhancer, which will stimulate the endogenous production of testosterone in order to increase the protein synthesis and support the muscle recovery. This food supplement in capsules has been developed with the support of athletes from the Amix Nutrition team. In addition, this product also includes other testosterone enhancers such as ginkgo bilobamaca or d-aspartic acid, among others. This combination of ingredients makes of Myto Test-V3 in one of the most effective products when it comes to stimulating the testosterone release. Combine it with CFM Nitro Protein Isolate.
  • Myocell 5-Phase is a pre-workout product designed to provide a stronger stimulus during the workout, so that we can benefit from a quality workout. To do so, this product includes a combination of 28 ingredients that helps to increase the strength, resistance, muscle growth and performance because it improves the nutrient transport to the muscle tissue. All in all, it will effectively enhance both your workout capacity and your muscle gains thanks to this last generation supplement.

Apart from these three star products, you can buy all types of supplements from Amix MuscleCore:

BCAA's, creatine, whey protein, etc. Enhance your muscle gains!

Dennis Wolf, Amix MuscleCore Athlete

If you needed more reasons to trust in Amix MuscleCore, do not forget that this brand is backed by professionals: the AMIX MuscleCore has the signature and approval of one of the most successful international athletes and the current winner of the Arnold Classic 2014 which took place in Columbus, Ohio (USA). We are talking about the great Dennis Wolf, IFBB PRO athlete.

Dennis Wolf continues to be one of the most prestigious bodybuilders worldwide, since he debuted in 1999 when he won the second place in the heavyweights category in the NWR Newcomer Championship. Then, he won the third place in his last international competition, Mr. Olympia 2013, only after Phil Heath and Kai Greene.

Amix MuscleCore relies on the most prestigious athletes to back the brand, since only those who have succeeded can provide some guidance in order to create a range of food supplements for the most demanding athletes.

If you have ever thought about becoming a renowned athlete, the line Amix MuscleCore is the answer to all your needs and the launch pad to your objectives. What are you waiting for?

Amix Nutrition Ranges; beyond Amix MuscleCore

Amix Nutrition is a brand for athletes who want to buy supplements to take their athletic performance and nutrititon to the next level. Do you want real results? Then, you came to the right place.

In order to get the best formulas adapted to the requirements of each athlete, apart from Amix MuscleCore you will find the remaining ranges that make up Amix Nutrition and which are available at the best price:

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    Food supplement with Mytosterone®, Testofen® and plant extracts with efficiency.
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    Pre-training complement. With ingredients such as CarnoSyn® and ActiNOS™.
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  • CFM NITRO PROTEIN ISOLATE - 2Kg - Amix Musclecore
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    Preparation in powder form with CFM isolated protein. Excellent aminogram and maximum bioavailability.
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    Food supplement with patented plant extracts, caffeine and vitamins. Highly effective ingredients.
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    Complement with Taxadrol® and ZMA®. Provides vitamins, minerals and plant extracts in capsules.
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