All American EFX

What is All American EFX?

All American EFX is a sport supplement brand whose aim is to produce high quality and innovating products. One of their premises is spending more time and money on developing the product itself than in the marketing.

All their products need to pass 3 critical quality controls before, during after the production. In fact, this company patented the Kre-Alkalyn® natural creatine formula; they have also developed an exclusive technology with a great absorption rate, the main reason why their products work so well.

Kre alkalyn Creatine and making a dream come true

It was 2005 when three workout and sport addicts planned to improve the fitness nutrition sector. Motivated by their own experience, All American EFX patented one of the most popular creatine formulas nowadays: Kre-Alkalyn. This creatine monohydrate promised to relieve the stomach discomfort and other negative reactions caused by traditional supplementation. Finally, supplements that also look after our health.

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Natural sport nutrition from the point of the consumer

All the products by All American EFX are meant to be actually useful when it comes to meeting the needs of customers all around the wrold. Far from the exaggerated marketing of sport nutrition, this company comes up with simple products, without risks, that will help to improve the sport or athletic performance.

This is the vision of a group of people who were athletes before business men. Gym and bodybuilding lovers or people who want to lose weight and know what is more convenient in order to achieve their objectives. 

Fuel for your health and workouts: lose weight and get more energy

This company comes up with natural sport nutrition without big artifices, providing a crucial boost for your workout. Their food supplements in capsules, powder or other formats have earned a place in the fitness world. Either if you want to lose or gain weight, increase your strength or simply improve your health, the supplements from All American EFX are some of the best products available in the market.

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