Benefit from hydration with the fantastic flavours of Bolero Drinks!

What are Bolero Drinks?

Bolero sachets are a collection of flavoured powders, ready to mix with various liquids to prepare a fantastic refreshing drink. They are sweetened with stevia, naturally enhancing the flavour. They also contain flavourings and preservatives of natural origin.

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The benefits of Bolero Drinks

Bolero drinks are highly recommended for people who have certain food intolerances and can also be included in any type of diet. They are extremely low in calories, only containing 25kcals to every 1. 5 l of water, so we can be very sure that they will not interfere with any meal plan.

All Bolero sachets have a quantity of vitamin C which above is the daily recommendation, so we can also refresh ourselves with this important vitamin at the same time.

With Bolero sachets we can increase our water consumption in an amazing but effortless way!

Easy preparation

One of the main keys to success is that Bolero converts one bottle of water into a delicious and refreshing drink that is extremely low in calories.

Bolero sachets are very convenient to carry around. Whether at work or away from home, Bolero will help you stay hydrated.

A fantastic way to increase water consumption, which can otherwise become boring.

Bolero recipes

Bolero drinks not only can be mixed with a bottle of water, but can also be used in a range of culinary ideas, such as:

  • Flavouring ice cubes so that they refresh with a special touch.
  • Mixing with yoghurt or fresh cheese in delicious combinations.
  • Protein shakes with exquisite flavors, using pure unflavored protein.
  • As part of biscuit, muffin, pancake, or cupcake recipes suitable for fitness diets.

Bolero flavours range

Bolero contains a wide variety of delicious products developed by hydration experts.

We currently have several flavors available:

Bolero Iced Tea

A compilation of the best tea flavors:

  • Bolero peach tea
  • Bolero lemon tea
  • Bolero passion fruit tea

Bolero Energy

This Bolero sachet is full of energy! It contains 32 mg of caffeine and 400 mg of taurine per 100 ml, as well as vitamins B6 and B12. Ideal before a physical activity, either for those moments where we need an extra energy boost, or for maximum concentration.

Bolero Essential Hydration

In this section we can find deliciously fruity flavors, in almost any fruit variety and others that are even more special:

  • Bolero Apple
  • Bolero Black Currant
  • Bolero Mixed Berries
  • Bolero Peach 
  • Bolero Pineapple
  • Bolero Strawberry 
  • Bolero Blue Bilberry 
  • Bolero Cherry
  • Bolero Cherry Cola 
  • Bolero Kola
  • Bolero Exotic
  • Bolero Fruits of the Forest
  • Bolero Grapefruit
  • Bolero Grape
  • Bolero Guarana
  • Bolero Guayaba
  • Bolero Soursop
  • Bolero Exotic
  • Bolero Kiwi
  • Bolero Lemon
  • Bolero Lychee
  • Bolero Mango
  • Bolero Mandarin
  • Bolero Melon
  • Bolero Orange
  • Bolero Papaya
  • Bolero Passion Fruit
  • Bolero Pear
  • Bolero Granada
  • Bolero Raspberry
  • Bolero Red Grape
  • Bolero Asperilla
  • Bolero Watermelon
  • Bolero Banna Strawberry
  • Bolero Banana 
  • Bolero Coco
  • Bolero Red Orange
  • Bolero Yellow Grapefruit
  • Bolero Almond
  • Bolero Multivitamin (multifruit)
  • Bolero Ginger 
  • Bolero Isotonic (sport drink)
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    Low calorie and sugar-free instant drink, delicious and refreshing at the same time. New flavors available!
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  • Low calorie and sugar-free instant drink, delicious and refreshing at the same time. New flavors available!
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