Landmine, What it is, Benefits and Functional Exercises

Landmine, What it is, Benefits and Functional Exercises

Discover the functionality and the amount of exercises that are possible to perform with this curious mobile lever known as the Landmine.

Perhaps you have already used one, but you might not know its full potential yet, which goes beyond being able to train a “T-Bar Row”.

What is a Landmine?

It is a tube where one end of a bar is placed, preferably of Olympic dimensions, and which allows the weight to move freely and at any angle and direction, giving a more natural range and pattern of movement.

What is a Landmine?

Landmine accessory.

Unlike, for example, the biomechanical constraints of machines, a Landmine is a tool for fitness training!

What is a Landmine for?

Beyond serving as a support for the bars, a Landmine can offer a wide range of exercises and movements: we can work both the lower and upper body, do squats, bench presses, pull ups or push ups, abdominals…

Active core

In any movement performed with a Landmine we’ll be able to keep our middle zone active.

Some are even classified as Functional Exercises, as described in this article.

Why Train with a Landmine?

Landmines transform conventional movements, such as squats or military presses, into another type of stimulus due to the imbalance generated by the load.

This forces the body to have to adapt to it.

Squat with a Landmine

The execution of the squat takes on a different type of stimulus in this case.

It can be a good option as a training tool for those who have difficulties with such complex exercises (squat), or due to lack of mobility (overhead lifts) or to reduce the pressure on joints.

What are the Benefits of Training with a Landmine?

  • The main benefit lies in the activation of the Core Zone, boosting stabilisation.
  • This is due to the particularity of the load, which generates a “torque”, and that just by including the weight of the bar itself and grasping unilaterally, we begin to notice the effort.
  • It can also be a good option for those who are just starting out training with free weights.
  • Without the need to use high loads, Landmine will offer results in terms of Muscle Endurance and Metabolic Conditioning.

How to Train with a Landmine

Landmines offer endless possibilities when it comes to planning your training sessions.

Personally, I like to use it as a star element to carry out Metabolic Circuits, considerably increasing the calorie expenditure of the session.

In the following video we can see how to perform a “Complex” with a Landmine, chaining several consecutive movements:

Landmine Complex.

Who can train with a Landmine?

Anyone can start training with a Landmine.

It’s one of the best ways to get started for those who have less experience, as long as the physical condition of the person is in accordance with the effort, something that is valued by a trainer.

More experienced users can really take advantage of this training system, either to improve their performance, physical condition, increase caloric expenditure, or even transfer to their sporting discipline, as in the case of MMA fighters.

24 Best Landmine Exercises.

Landmine Exercises

  • First, start with low weights or even with an empty bar until the movement pattern is well-practiced, which may take a short period of time to do.
  • When it comes to increasing the weight, it’s easy to increase it in small percentages, as with the size of the discs available.
  • Knee movements increase the intensity of the training because the closer you are to the base (ground), the greater the resistance.
  • Aim to keep the bar aligned as much as possible with the shoulder and close to the body when performing the presses.
  • Movements with twists pivot the feet and rotate the hips.
  • The bar moves in a parabola or arc, not in a straight line.


Landmine Squat

You may get more depth than usual, however, a good dorsiflexion will benefit you.

Squat to Military Press

Landmine Squat to Press

Composite squat plus unilateral push press.

Bulgarian Squat

Landmine Bulgarian Squat

In addition to the unilateral lower body work, this exercise “forces” us to keep our “core” active to achieve balance.

1-Handed Landmine Row

Landmine Row

Unilateral pull exercise.

Unilateral Bench Press

Landmine Press Floor

A variant of the conventional bench press.


Landmine Row 2

Horizontal pull exercise.

Kneeling Press

Landmine Kneeling Press

From this position, we can further isolate work on the upper body.

Kneeling Unilateral Military Press

Landmine One Arm Press

Following the same concept as above, we emphasise the unilateral vertical thrust.


Landmine Twist

Exercise for the “core”.

Routine with a Landmine

I suggest as an example the following routine to work with this accessory, which you can add to with complementary work with other elements.

I take as nomenclature the one explained in BPT (Beatman Performance Training), which you can check here.

Day 1

Full-Body A

  1. Squat::climbing 15by15 until we reach a weight that we can’t lift move than 12 reps.
  2. Bulgarian Squat::climbing 10by10 per side RiR-2 (Link Post to find out what it means).
  3. Row::climbing 16by16 until we reach a weight that we can’t move more than 14 reps.
  4. Kneeling Press::climbing 20by20 until we reach a weight that we can do no more than 10 repetitions.

Day 2

Full-Body B

  1. Military Press Squat::climbing 10by10 per side RiR-2.
  2. 1-Handed Row::climbing 16by16 until we reach a weight that we can’t move more than 14 reps.
  3. Unilateral Bench Press::climbing 16by16 until we reach a weight that we can’t move more than 14 repetitions.
  4. Twist::climbing 10by10 for 3 sets.

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Review of Landmine

Improves Muscle Stabilisation - 100%

Improves Muscle Stabilisation - 100%

Fat Loss - 100%

Metabolic Conditioning - 100%


HSN Evaluation: 5 /5
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