Workout During Quarantine: 4th Week

Workout During Quarantine: 4th Week

Let’s continue with the 4th week of the Workout during Quarantine to train without any kind of gym material.


One week more, one week less… Growing stronger to defeat that virus that keeps us imprisoned in our own house. Go for it!

Let’s recap

The last week of the HSNChallenge was made up of 4 days of workouts with a recovery day.

It is not bad, but I believe it has been like taking a break for most of you. Specially those who were used to metabolic workouts.

However, things are going to change this week. Once again, we have 4 workouts but do you know what is a “Hero” WOD?

This type of workouts are influenced by systems that focus on developing the physical capacities and motor abilities. This is quite popular in “free movement” versions of CrossFit before the brand became more commercial and the CrossFit Games.

CrossFit has wanted to honor the North American War Heroes. The influence for this workout comes from the conditioning system of the armies with workouts (WODS) in their honor (Hero) to commemorate the fallen.

The Hero WODs are quick workouts (most of them) but extremely hard. So, let’s get to it because this week we are going to be dealing with high intensity workouts.

A new supplement

Last week, we talked about the importance of protein, and the week before that about beta-alanine.

This week, we are going to talk about how you should recharge your glycogen deposits to have a good performance during the workouts.

Glycogen is a glucose polymer that our skeletal muscle and liver store in order to obtain energy.


While resting, our organism easily obtains energy from the fatty acid oxidation.

When the intensity and oxygen requirements increase, the body uses blood glucose (around 5g) breaking it down outside the mitochondria (extra-mitochondrial anaerobic glycolisis). This is an effective and quick way of getting energy, but it has a series of cons.

We already talked about the first one on the first week:

Extra-mitochondrial glycolysis produces the accumulation of waste products in the myocyte sarcoplasm. At some point, it is not capable of handling this accumulation and it starts to suffering severe pH drops that alter the cell excitability, hindering its contraction.

Together with a proton leak that activates the nociceptor cation channels from the nerve terminals, which are stimulated and send impulses through afferent pathways that trigger a feeling of “pain”.

Our quadriceps “itch/burn”.

Carnosine, which is synthesized from beta-alanine, is our biggest intramuscular buffer. In fact, it has the ability to deal with this accumulation and the subsequent proton leak.

Then, the muscle glycogen breakdown in the last hepatic instance (glycogenolysis) is a process that has to be reversed in order to recharge the energy that we have used during the workout.

Pull ups

A loss of collagen will progressively alter our performance by limiting the main energy substrate for high intensity workouts.

To the point that it can condition the muscle contraction (due to alterations in the calcium metabolism on behalf of the sarcoplasmic reticulum): we will experience less strength during our workouts.

Why take carbohydrates after the workout?

After a workout that results in a strong depletion of our muscle glycogen concentrations, the cells become extremely permeable to glucose. Consequently, we will recover glycogen quickly if we take high glycemic index carbohydrates during the first 30 minutes after the workout.

Once that period is over, the transporters that are translocated to the cell membrane and recycled will no longer be available so easily. In fact, we will need insulin again to activate all the processes so that they will end up in the sarcolemma.

Muscle Recovery: Evorecovery

With all this, what we mean is that taking a highly bioavailable source of carbohydrates is a great option when doing demanding workouts like the one from this week.

To do so, we always choose Evorecovery due to its combination of different carbohydrate sources. Moreover, it also provides Lacprodan hydrolyzed whey, amino acids and electrolytes to keep you hydrated.

It will come in handy… Now, get ready!

Structure of 4th Week Workout during Quarantine

This week is made up of 4 workouts days.

SessionType of Session
1st DayWOD Beatman
2nd DayWOD Zachary Tellier
3rd DayFirst Passive Rest
4th DayWOD Chad
5th DaySecond Passive Rest
6th DayWOD Loredo Mod.
7th DayLast Passive Rest

4th Week

    AFAP – 100x Bag Over the Shoulder

    *We suggest doing 5x burpees every minute.

    • Fill the bag with things that will not break, like water bottles and clothes to buffer the hits.
    • Using a padded surface to buffer the hit would be a great way to make sure that we will not bother our neighbors. Moreover, it will help you make sure that the things you put in the bag will not break.
    • Complete the Five Rounds (add an exercise in every new round)
    1st Round
    1. 10x burpees

    2nd Round

    1. 10x burpees
    2. 25x push ups

    3rd Round

    1. 10x burpees
    2. 25x push ups
    3. 50x Lunges

    4th Round

    1. 10x burpees
    2. 25x push ups
    3. 50x lunges
    4. 100x butterfly sit-ups

    5th Round

    1. 10x burpees
    2. 25x push ups
    3. 50x lunges
    4. 100x butterfly sit-ups
    5. 150x air squats

  • 4th DAY – WOD CHAD
    AFAP 1000x box step ups with a bag with 12/20kg.

    A) 500x foot on fire
    B) 5 Rounds per Time
    1. 25x Air squats
    2. 25x Push ups
    3. 25x Walking lunges
    C) 500x foot on fire

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Workout During Quarantine: 4th Week Review

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