Workout During Quarantine: 3rd Week

Workout During Quarantine: 3rd Week

We are back with the 3rd Week of the Workout during Quarantine. You will not need any kind of gym material.


My whole body hurts after the burpees challenge… Now that is what I call a good workout!

But why stop…

We are still quarantined and we have to keep working out to avoid losing muscle mass. Otherwise, we will not be able to even lift a bar at the gym once we are back…

But do not worry, if you keep following this routine, you will beat all your PRs!

Let’s recap

We have completed the second week of the #HSNchallenge.

It does not matter if:

  • You started to do exercise to kill time during the quarantine.
  • You already did exercise at the gym regularly.
  • Or if you follow the BPT routine but you did not have the necessary materials at home…

Regardless of your situation, the HSNchallenge was made for you!

You are the one that has to adapt the intensity of the workouts to your cardiorespiratory/neuromuscular capacity. Therefore, it can be done both by those who just started to do exercise and those who are more experienced in weightlifting.

Everyone will find new and challenging movement patterns. Let’s get to it!

A new supplement

Last week, I recommended taking beta-alanine due to its effects as a carnosine precursor. This dipeptide also worked as an intramuscular buffer that helped to face the pH drops caused by the extramitochondrial glycolysis.

In other words, beta-alanine will help us get one step further”.

Also, I assumed that all of you take enough protein. However, after a receiving a series of messages, I suggest reviewing your protein intake.

Currently, the average intake of an active person is around 1.6g/kg/day. Although there are higher doses that are regarded as safe, but it is not completely clear if higher doses could be beneficial.

Studies like the one by Longland et al. (2016) tell us something we already knew: taking 2.4g/kg/day of protein is better than taking 1.2g/kg/day when it comes to protecting the muscle mass and losing fat.


Even if we still do not exactly know how much protein do we need, there is a clear connection between protein, muscle growth and sport performance.

Taking protein is, together with weightlifting, the strategy that will produce more positive changes in our body composition.


Moreover, the most recent studies seem to point that an optimal protein intake… Keep reading.

Is it interesting to take protein powder?

Yes, it is. In fact, I always recommend this to all the athletes I have worked with. However, this is not magical but functional, you will not automatically have the arms of Popeye after taking the first servings.

What I mean is:

  • A source of concentrated proteins
  • With a high nutritional quality
  • A good digestibility
  • Available in several flavors
  • With all the benefits from this nutrient for the physical composition
In the end, it results in a great option, especially around the workout like we mention in the interesting post.

Native Whey Protein

Not so long ago, we launched a new whey protein, Evonative, made with raw FrieslandCampina whey.

It has been cold-processed, which preserves a higher percentage of active ingredients present in whey during the manufacturing process.

Protein Graphic

Vegan Protein

In the case of vegans, I would go for soy protein. Even though its DIAAS is lower than other animal proteins, it is superior to any other source of plant-based protein.

Structure of 3rd Week Workout during Quarantine

This week is made up of 5 workout days and one of them will be a recovery session.

SessionType of session
1st DayComplete workout
2nd DayMetabolic training
3rd DayPassive rest
4th DayMetabolic workout
5th DayRecovery session
6th DayComplete workout
7th DayPassive rest

3rd Week

Go to:

  1. 1st Week.
  2. 2nd Week.
Workout During Quarantine: 3rd Week Review

Body weight exercises - 100%

Functional exercises - 100%

Explainer videos - 100%

Organization - 100%


HSN Evaluation: 5 /5
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