Workout During Quarantine: 2nd Week

Workout During Quarantine: 2nd Week

Let’s continue with the 2nd Week of the Workout during Quarantine. You will not need any type of gym material or accessories!


Hello there! Who said that you can only do exercise if you go to the gym, huh?

Many of you have contacted us to let us know that you are loving these workouts. Others have also confessed that they have more DOMS than when they go to the gym.

You are going to come out of the quarantine stronger than you were at the beginning.

We will make sure of that in HSN!

Let’s recap

We are back from a hard workout week and it is time to review our changes in physical composition:

Have you lost or gained weight? What is your objective?…

In this article, we gave you some tips in general in order to follow a good nutrition during the quarantine.

However, you can change your diet with all the information you have right now.

Ever 100g that you have gained or lost, there has to be a 90kcal energy excess or deficit every day when compared to your normocaloric diet. This diet is the one that will not make you gain or lose weight.

Depending on your objective, you just have to do the maths and plan your diet too.

Do not forget that:

1. Cutting phase without compromising the muscle mass:

Take your fat percentage / 20 = X.

That X is the weight percentage you can lose without compromising your muscle mass.

If you do not know your body fat percentage, you can establish a weight loss percentage of 0.3-6%.

For example:

I weigh 100kg and I have a 20% of body fat. 20%/20=1%  100*0.01= 1kg is what I can lose per week.

2. To gain muscle mass:

A 0.51-1% gain is ideal to reduce the fat gains.

You have no excuses! Keep following the workout routine with our home edition tips!

Suggested supplementation

We have probably experienced new sensations, like that Ladder squat challenge from day 1, or the extensive AMRAP from day 4. These have been new challenges for people who are not used to metabolic workouts.

You do not have to stop using supplementation.

Protein will help you preserve your muscle mass, creatine is an ideal supplement to buffer the muscle damage during the workouts and it will help you gain muscle mass.

Anything else?

Why don’t you try Beta-alanine?

This compound has proven to be an ergogenic ingredient with the highest degree of evidence by the ISSN when it comes to increasing the sport performance.

It is a precursor of carnosine, which makes up the dipeptide together with L-histidine.

Carnosine is the main intramuscular buffer, do you remember the burning sensation from the Ladder squat challenge?

Well, beta-alanine helps you control it so that you can go even further. In fact, it has been proven that it can improve the strength and resistance in efforts with glycolytic profile (0”-240”) (Trexler et al., 2015).

4 to 6 grams of beta-alanine a day to take your workouts to the limit during the 2nd week of the quarantine!

Structure of 2nd Week Workout During Quarantine

Once again, this week will be made up of 6 days of exercise, one of them being a recovery session.

SessionType of Session
1st DayUpper body hypertrophy session
2nd DayMetabolic session
3rd DayComplete workout session
4th DayRecovery session
5th DayChallenge
6th DayPassive rest
7th DayLower body hypertrophy session

2nd Week

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Workout During Quarantine: 2nd Week Review

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