Workout During Quarantine: 1st Week

Workout During Quarantine: 1st Week

Here you have the 1st Week of the Home Workout during Quarantine.


Foundations of the workout

The workout we are going to propose follows a structure of 6 days with different objectives.

Above all, the workout relies on global and dynamic exercises in order to increase the calorie expenditure during the sessions. Therefore, it will produce enough muscle stimulus to preserve and even improve the muscle mass.

Push ups

It seems easy but just you wait!

This week’s workout follows this sequence:

SessionType of Session
1st DayComplete training session
2nd DayHypertrophy session
3rd DayRecovery session
4th DayMetabolic training session
5th DayHypertrophy session
6th DayComplete training session
7th DayPassive rest
    A) Moving warm up! 2 rounds (1+2+3)
    Do the 3 exercises in a row, like a circuit. Then, rest 1 minute when you complete the first round. You have to do 3 rounds in total.
    1. 30x skipping, 10″ rest
    2. 20x butt kicks, 10″ rest
    3. 10x lateral hops, 30″ rest
    B) Mobility skills 3 rounds (1+2+3), 1 min rest
    1. 5x/leg Cossack squat
    2. 10x/side Pendulum plank
    3. 6x/side lateral hip raises
    C) Activation! EMOM 5’
    For 5 minutes, you have to do 15 reps of the exercise every minute. If you are done after 40”, use the remaining 20” to rest.
    D) Complex this! 4x rounds (1 round = both hands)
    Take a backpack and fill it with bottles or heavy things to increase its weight (you can also use a shopping bag). Then, do the exercise without stopping, that is, do not leave the backpack until you have done the 15+10+15 reps of each movement.

    You have to flow.

    If you have a dumbbell you can use it, but better still if you have a kettlebell.

    E) Ladder Squat Challenge
    Do the number of reps below (ej: 10x squat) and hold when you are down (hold) for a number of seconds.

    The idea is to it without stopping, that is why it is a Challenge.

    1. 10x squats + NO hold
    2. 9x squats + 1” hold
    3. 8x squats + 2” hold…
    Then, rest a rep (squat) and add a second that you have to hold down until you reach: 1x squat + 9” hold. After that, you start counting up, adding a rep (squat) and resting 1 second (hold) = 2x squats + 8” hold / 3x squats + 7” hold… Until you reach 10x squat + NO hold once again.
    F) TABATA – Plank
    Download “Tabata timer” or click here to follow the exercise.

    A tabata (unless told otherwise) is a workout system made up of 8 rounds that last 20 seconds each (plank) and 10 seconds of rest.

    The app will tell you when to start and when to rest.

    A) Tabata Warm Up!
    • Tabata like yesterday, 8 rounds, 20” work / 10” rest.
    • In this case, we will do one exercise during the even rounds and another in the odd rounds.
    B) Hypertrophy sesh
    1. Elevated feet Push ups road to max 2+2 [20” rest]
    • Start with 2 reps, add 2 more each set until you cannot complete the total number of reps.
    • Rest 20” between blocks.
    • After this, do: 3 sets x the last number of reps you have done -3 [40” rest]
    • You can adapt this exercise and make it easier by putting your hands on a chair and your feet on the ground, (like this)
    1. Shopping bag unilateral row
    • Make sure that your hands follow a parabolic trajectory, not lineal, it has to go towards the hips.
    • 3 sets x 20 reps [30” rest]
    • If you have a dumbbell or a kettlebell it is time to use it!
    1. Shopping bag Lateral Unillateral Raises (1 set = both arms)
    • 4 sets x 10 reps [no rest]
    • If you have a dumbbell or a kettlebell it is time to use it!
    1. Luggage Overhead forward lunge
    • Complete 60x/leg, then with the other one, without alternating.
    • You can use a luggage or something similar for this exercise that will be easy to fill to increase the weight
    1. Unilateral Hip Thrust
    • 2 sets x 12 reps (hold 3” up)
    1. Arm this! – 2 rounds (circuit style) [90” rest between rounds]
    1. Complete 50x curl towel
    2. Complete 25x chair dips
    • The towel exercise, you have to take it through the handles of a shopping bag with weight.
    • If you have a kettlebell you can use it too like in the video.
    • If you have a dumbbell you can do dumbbells hammer curls.
    B) Finish you! – 3x AMRAP 1’ [60” rest]
    AMRAP means As Many Repetitions As Possible, that is, ALL OUT! doing burpees. Only 3 sets of 1 minute!
    A) Myofascial self-release – 10” on the tendon + 30” on the muscle
    • If you have a Foam Roller use it. If not, grab a plastic bottle, fill it with water and freeze a few hours before, wrap a towel around it and you have a homemade roller.
    1. Calves
    2. Quadriceps
    3. Hamstring
    4. Ilotibial band
    B) Cat-Camel Exercise – 2 rounds [20” rest]
    • 6x cat + 6x camel (6x complete cycles of controlled movement)
    C) Spiderman Lunge stretch – 2 rounds
    Rights leg forward:
    1. 10x rotations left arm
    2. 10x rotations right arm

    Left leg forward:

    1. 10x rotations left arm
    2. 10x rotations right arm
    D) Bulgarian squat stretches
    1. 8x/side, right leg forward (2” hold each rep), 40” rest
    2. 8x/side, left leg forward (2” hold each rep), 40” rest
    E) Deep Squat Hold – 15” rest
    • Let’s start holding 5” and increase 5” at a time until we are no longer comfortable in that position.
    F) Deep Squat rotations
    • Complete 20x/side
    • Split the exercise as much as you need, you have to do all the repetitions in a controlled and safe way.
    G) Shoulder passes [20” rest]
    • 4 sets – 10 passes (5x forwards + 5x backwards)
    • You can use a broom stick for exercises G and H.
    H) Shoulder opener
    1. 1x left arm (15” hold in stretching position)
    2. 1x right arm (15” hold in stretching position)
    A) Warm Up Animal Flow style! – 5 rounds [20” rest]
    1. 5m inchworm crawl forward
    2. 5m duck walk backward
    3. 5m crouching tiger forward
    4. 5m crab walk backward
    B) Extensive AMRAP – 35’
    1.  5x jumping jacks
    2. 10x bastard burpees
    3. 15x jumping jacks
    4. 20x drop squat
    5. 25x jumping jacks
    6. 30x mountain climbers
    A) Dynamic warm up! EMOM 8’
    • Do not forget that EMOM means Every Minute On the Minute, that is, we have to do the number of repetitions in one minute. If you finish earlier, you can rest until the 60” are over.
    • The ODD exercise is done during the odd minutes and the EVEN one on the even minutes.
    B) Core stabilization – Tabata style!
    • You can grab a water bottle/jug to add more weight or you can use dumbbells or kettlebells.
    C) Double ladder complex this! – 1by1 till’ 9RPE and down [30” rest]
    • Do a compound exercise between tiger bend Push-ups and pike push-ups without stopping.
    • Rest 30 seconds and add one more repetition. Keep adding repetitions until the exercise becomes so intense that you feel that you could only do one more repetition before reaching muscle failure.
    • At that point, start to remove one repetition from each block until you are back to 1x+1x.
    • If the tiger bend push-up is too difficult, you can do a pushback push-up.
    D) Combo-Hiit “Core on fire”! 3 rounds [20” rest]
    1. 10x butterfly sit-ups
    2. 20x superman hollow rocks (each swing is a repetition, that is, a complete swinging cycle forwards and backwards equals two repetitions)
    3. 30x frog pumps
    • A combo-hiit! is a circuit where we have to do a+b+c exercises non-stop. Once the round is complete, rest the time between the brackets.
    E) Feel the beat! 2 minute alternating chair step up 75bpm metronome
    1. Download the metronome app in your phone, or type “metronome” in Google to get a plug-in so that you will not have to download anything.
    2. Put 75bpm and keep the pace for 2 minutes.
    3. Do the exercise like in the video, but you can use a chair or a stable surface instead of a wooden box.
    4. It is hard, but if you are in good shape you can take a backpack and fill it with stuff to increase its weight.
    F) Complete 100x frog jumps AFAP
    • AFAP means As Fast As Possible, try to do the 100 frog jumps as quickly as you can!
    A) Go for it ALLOUT style!
    1. 21x In-and-out squat + 21x backpack atomic situps + 21x Burpees
    2. 18x In-and-out squat + 18x backpack atomic situps + 18x Burpees
    3. 15x In-and-out squat + 15x backpack atomic situps + 15x Burpees
    4. 12x In-and-out squat + 12x backpack atomic situps + 12x Burpees
    5. 9x In-and-out squat + 9x backpack atomic situps + 9x Burpees
    6. 6x In-and-out squat + 6x backpack atomic situps + 6x Burpees
    7. 3x In-and-out squat + 3x backpack atomic situps + 3x Burpees
    • In the “atomic sit ups” video the person is carrying a plate. In our case, you can use a “weighted” backpack.

Get some rest on the 7th day, you deserve it!

And remember, let’s do our best every day! 😉

I will be back next week with more workouts so that when the quarantine is over… we will be stronger than ever! Cheers!
Workout During Quarantine: 1st Week Review

Body weight exercises - 100%

Functional exercises - 100%

Explainer videos - 100%

Organization - 100%


HSN Evaluation: 5 /5
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