Oblique Abdominal Exercises

Oblique Abdominal Exercises

We present a set of Oblique Abdominal Exercises

You’ll likely have heard over and over that it’s not necessary to train the abdominals, with such exercise being considered an extra due them already being worked synergistically through all the basic exercises, and that this exercise is usually more than enough.

As always, this would be an excessive generalisation, so for all those wanting to put an extra bit of time into their obliques, we’ll give you a series of videos with the best exercises that you can do, and a small text with some important information on each exercise.

And don’t forget, it’s important to train in an intense and heavy way whenever possible, but respecting the maximum execution technique of the exercises in question, without making sudden movements, where control prevails at all times, and always protecting the lower spine as much as possible.

Classic exercises

Lying oblique crunches

Lateral crunches

In this case, the legs are stretched out on top of each other and the arm resting on the ground should serve as a balance rather than as an aid to the lift.

Lateral inclinations

It’s ideal for loading up with weight and increasing the resistance, but don’t pull with your hand on the neck so as not to damage the cervicals. You can use a pulley instead of dumbbells.

Lateral leg lift

Lift the leg laterally without sharp movements, so as not to damage the abductor muscles. You can do it against a wall to protect the spine as much as possible, which’ll keep the body in place well.

Lateral hip movement

Instead of doing the movement with the leg, it’s done with the hip, with a controlled lowering movement and a quicker return to the initial position.

Fitball exercises

Fitball abdominal laterals

Carry out the exercise gently and hold the highest position to enhance exercise.

Obliques with your legs on a fitball

IF you want to increase the intensity, you can use a medicine ball.

Turns on a fitball

The more weight your dumbbells are carrying, the more intense the exercise, but you should always have control of the exercise before increasing the weight.

Obliques with fit ball elbow support

To increase the intensity of the exercise, slow the cadence or put an ankle weight on each leg.

Pulley exercises

Pallof Press

It’s very important to maintain an isometric and stationary posture when performing this exercise, and to focus on exerting force with the obliques only. The longer you keep your arms in the extended position in this exercise, the more you work on your abdomen and therefore on the obliques.

Lateral pulley crunch

Use a weight that can control, without shaking. Carry out all the repetitions on one side, then do the same on the other.

Wood Chopper

You can increase the intensity by changing the cadence of the exercise. For example, by doing the rep at a lower speed. You can also include an isometric at the end of the descent (turning point).


Lateral isometric

Set yourself out in the lateral position, supporting your elbow, and keep it that way. As you increase your level, you’ll be able to raise your upper leg, carrying out the movement in as controlled a way as possible.

Isometrics on vibrating platform

It’s a way of increasing the intensity of an isometric exercise, just like putting a fitball underneath, for example.

There are many more exercises, but if you want us to cover any more that you know, just leave a comment in this post with the link to the video (if you’re the one performing the exercise, even better).

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