Abs at Home: 6 Efficient Exercises

Abs at Home: 6 Efficient Exercises

Abs routines do not have to be boring, short, nor repetitive. There are many exercises and different combinations that help to change, perfect and intensify the muscle work in all the abdominal area.

Objective of Abs Training at Home

With this article, we want to help you focus on the variety and quality of the exercises, allowing you to alternate traditional sequences and routines in order to use as much muscle groups as possible with a high intensity. Despite the fact that we probably already work our abdominal area by executing multi-joint exercises in our regular routine.

The importance of training your abs

However, if we are not able to train one day, we always have the possibility of training at home with this abs routine which is simple and efficient!

The Importance of Training the Abs

Function of Abs

The abdominal muscles are very important because they connect the upper and lower parts of the body, apart from having an esthetic purpose. They perform an stabilizing function and they are involved in a good execution of other exercises like squats, strides, military press and many others.

Reduce Injuries

The balance between the upper and lower parts of the body mainly depend on the abdominal strength and stability, which is why exercising the core with precision will improve your workout in general, helping to prevent injuries and allowing you to execute other exercises with more efficacy.

Abs workout

Abs at Home

When we finish a workout, the abdominal area seems to be less tired or sore than others. Either if we do abs exercises directly or indirectly, sometimes it feels like it is not good enough. The following exercises will help us improve our abdomen and they can be easily done at our own home.

Exercises for your abs

The following movements can help to change any traditional abs routine and increase the effort of all the muscle groups

How to Train the Abs at Home

When it comes to doing the following abs exercises, we can choose between these two options:


We will execute the exercises for a period of time, so that each one of them will be “a station”. The objective will be to stay in each station during a certain period of time. It is advisable to spend 30 seconds per station, followed by a 15 seconds break until you start the next exercise. Once we have completed all the exercises (1 round) we will have a 1.5 minute break in order to start the circuit again. We will complete 5 or 10 rounds depending on our level.


This high intensity method consists on performing each exercise in 8 series of 20 seconds each followed by a 10 seconds break. It is advisable to use a chronometer or some mobile app so that we will only have to pay attention to the start and finish of each series.

If you want to learn more about the Tabata Method, click the following link

Russian Twists


  • Sit on the ground to start the exercise.
  • Raise your feet in the air and cross the ankles.
  • Raise your chest focusing the strength on the abdominal area and sit on the hip bones.
  • Keep your abs contracted and turn the torso to one side and the other successively.
  • You can pick a plate with both of your hands and repeat the exercise if it is too simple.


Abs Commandos

  • Start the exercise in a flexing position, placing your hands directly under the shoulders.
  • Lower the right elbow to the ground and then the left one.
  • Extend the right arm once again, and then the left arm. Repeat the exercise.

Stability Ball Saw

Abs with Fitball

  • Start off in plank position, with the forearms on a stability ball.
  • Keep the abdomen tight and the back straight.
  • Move the arms backwards and forwards as if you were sawing.
  • If you want to intensity the exercise, make circling motions with the elbows to the left and then to the right.

Leg climb

Abs Leg Climb

  • Lay on the ground and spread your legs.
  • Focus the strength on the abdomen, raise your back and one leg and keep it straight.
  • Use your hands to get your body closer to the raised leg and touch your toes.
  • Lower the leg and do the same thing with the other one.

Kneeling Medicine Ball Rollouts

Kneeling Medicine Ball Rollouts

  • Start by kneeling on a smooth surface.
  • Put a medicinal ball on the ground in front of your body and put both hands on top of the ball.
  • Roll the ball forward until you feel that your body is about to collapse, without letting your hips fall completely.
  • Once you have reached your limit, roll the ball backwards until you reach the initial position and repeat.

J Turns

J Turns

  • Start off in plank position, with your legs on top of a stability ball (the center of the ball must be approximately at the level of the knees).
  • Draw a semicircle to the left with both legs, taking them to the left elbow (J shape).
  • Return to the initial position and move your knees directly to your chest.
  • Go back to the beginning and repeat the knee movement but to the right elbow this time.
If you want to get the perfect abs, it is not only necessary to perfect the exercises routine and add more movements. It is also indispensable to perform a complete workout that will allow you to burn fats, follow a healthy diet low in fats and rich in proteins, and drink more water to improve the functioning of the body.

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