Animal Cuts – The Ultimate Guide

Animal Cuts – The Ultimate Guide

What is Animal Cuts?

Animal Cuts it is a powerful thermogenic product that promotes fat loss, from the prestigious brand Universal Nutrition, whose main objective is to serve as an aid for those people who are fed up with testing products for weight loss and have not obtained satisfactory results.

And it’s a wise public who choose to use this supplement, with Animal Cuts possibly the best selling within its segment, and with reason…

As is customary in Universal’s most powerful line of products, the format in which Animal Cuts is available is “packs”, and in this case, each will contain 9 capsules (coloured), with different ingredients and functionalities, and they work synergistically together: improving aesthetically, and reducing the weight of the user.

How does Animal Cuts work?

The system on which Animal Cuts is based is through “complexes”, i.e. it consists of 8 groupings of ingredients that separately have a different role at the level of action on body recomposition.

Complexes Animal cuts

“Stimulant Complex”

This is one of the most important complexes that are incorporated in the formulation and is based on taking advantage of the thermogenic properties of the ingredients. In this case, fairly well-proven elements such as caffeine, kola nut, guarana, or raspberry ketones are included. The main mission is to generate an increase in body temperature – thermogenesis – resulting in influencing caloric consumption at rest by accelerating it.

Also, the power of action on the central nervous system will lead to a magnifying of our concentration level, alertness, and even reflexes.

“Metabolic Complex”

This second set of ingredients seeks to optimise oxidative energy metabolism, in particular to enhance lipolysis – mobilisation and use of fatty acids – and, on the other hand, to achieve regulation and control blood glucose.

The main support that this complex receives will be from tea sources (green, Oolong, and black) with the active principle EGCG (epigalocatechine).

“Thyroid Complex”

In this third complex, the appearance of the amino acid L-tyrosine, whose characteristics make it a precursor of neurotransmitters, specifically catecholamines (adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine), and improve the function of the thyroid. During a definition stage (we will talk later about this), prolonged caloric reduction slows the production of thyroid hormone T3, affecting metabolic activity, slowing it down.

“Water Shedding Complex”

As the name suggests, the main reason for this complex will be to support fluid excretion and reduce subcutaneous fluid retention, resulting in a more striking “look”. To this end, having a low fat percentage and being accompanied by a large fluid intake will have a greater impact.

“Nootropic Complex”

In a weight loss process, where the caloric factor suffers (we establish a calorie intake that results in deficit), they can take a mental toll. And when it says “can” we are almost certainly contemplating that appearance. If the goal is to be achieved, mental strength will be very important. In this case, Animal Cuts has certain ingredients that positively intervene with our cognitive function, mental lucidity and mood improvement (this is quite important).

“Cortisol Inhibiting Complex”

Another “collateral damage” to maintaining a caloric restriction coupled with physical exercise will be to irremediably raise stress levels and thus, those of the dreaded cortisol. Although this hormone is, in principle, an ally, since it protects us and increases our abilities, its presence must be very limited and punctual or otherwise there is a risk of causing a certain continuous discomfort, attacking health. For this, Animal Cuts seeks to remedy and mitigate the action of this stressed state, and has added important ingredients that act as adaptogens, as is the case of Ashwagandha, whose purpose will be to “deal with” and make our course more bearable during this stage.

“CCK Boosting Complex”

We are again blaming the calorie deficit as the generator of a state in which our body will obviously do its best because it “gobbles”. At the hormonal level, the plummeting decreases of the hormone leptin encourage you to have “cravings” for food. Your body is no fool, and as much as you seek aesthetics, it doesn’t matter to it, it prioritises “life” and this happens to feed us. Even if this sounded very extreme, it is true of what is triggered inside us in the face of a change in nutritional habits. So, Animal Cuts wants to avoid as much as possible that you get stuck in every pastry shop you go through, and has added this complex to improve the satiety component.

“Bioavailability Complex”

And finally, the ultimate complex of Animal Cuts aims to make the best use of the set of ingredients. To achieve this, the method of action involves inhibiting the action of the cytochrome enzyme P450, which has the task in our body to rule out molecular structures it is not accustomed; and on the other hand, contribute to improving the digestive process.


Effectivity of Animal Cuts

The question of millions: Will my thermogenic work?, how much weight will I lose?, will it really be worth it? I will try to summarise in short what your initial idea is – because you’ve seen it in other people – and why you may be wrong.

The process of improving body composition is perhaps the biggest headache for fitness lovers. This has its explanation in that we must make our body understand just the opposite of what we are doing, because the objective is different. Oops, what do I mean? It’s simple:

In the coming good weather, and next “uncovering” of clothes, you seek to have the best body level, either through a personal goal or for other reasons… In this, you plan some guidelines to follow during the coming weeks, which basically respond to the pattern:

  • Reduce calories
  • Super-seriated training
  • Increase “cardio time”

But as a good internaut, you’ve been fortunate enough to find a blog with information to disprove and make known why this is not entirely so.

Caloric deficit

In point number 1, we agree, it is necessary a caloric deficit by which our body enters in “energy search” mode and goes to our lipid warehouse (fat), mostly.

At this moment, Animal Cuts kicks into action

Once there is such a caloric deficit, the thermogenic will take effect, nothing new so far. Concretely, in the diet, it is necessary to emphasise that the breakdown of macronutrients must be adjusted, and incorporate a sufficient amount of protein to mitigate the loss of muscle mass, which leads us to the next point:

Basic and heavy training

You’d better take this approach because while we’re in definition, looking to improve our records or doing too much training is not a good idea. And what is meant by “basic and heavy”, because it addresses the reasoning that if we maintain a calorie restriction we must optimise our training, and this is achieved by saving time and effort. If you train using multi-joint exercises, in strength ranges, you get:

  • Provide the stimulus your body needs to maintain muscle mass
  • Be efficient, as with these exercises you use almost all the muscles
  • To maintain our energy reserves without depleting them (remember, we are in a caloric deficit and with lower carbs intake…)

Remember: now it is not a question of building muscle mass, but of maintaining it

It’s worth mentioning that you can also do a training as demanding as SuperSeries, Multiseries, shorten the rest time… or any other type of these techniques, but it will not be the norm. But including 1 day of induction to glycogen depletion is completely feasible.

Alternate LISS and HIIT

In relation to spending hours and hours doing cardio, why not opt to be more efficient. Here we have the possibility to do:

  • LISS (“Low Intensity Steady State” or steady-rhythm, low-intensity cardio)
  • HIIT (“High Interval Intensity Training” or high-intensity interval cardio)

Each has its advantages, and uses. In my opinion, promoting the use of fats will be achieved through longer duration and lighter intensity activity (LISS) and on the other hand, consuming more calories in a shorter period of time will be through HIIT. A good recommendation would be: 5 to 7 days LISS (best time: fasting), and 3 to 4 HIIT (best time: post weight)

Now, you can have a much clearer idea of why your plan fails and not because the supplement does not give results

How to take Animal Cuts

Rotina definiçao

On the intake of Animal Cuts, in my view, I think it is much more efficient to maintain the manufacturer’s recommendation, which will be to ingest 2 packs a day, and therefore the duration of 1 bottle of Animal Cuts will support us for 21 consecutive days.

How do I take the first pack?

One usage strategy would be to ingest the first pack* just when we get up, and then, in about 20 minutes, go for a light-intensity aerobic activity, such as:

  • Walk to a fast beat for 60min
  • Stationary bike with medium resistance for 45min
  • Elliptical bike for 30-45min
  • Rowing machine for 25-30min

How do I take the second pack?

After about 4-6 hours of the first pack, and not later than lunch, in order to avoid interfering with the night rest. We will take it on an empty stomach.

*The first pack usage methodology is not necessary, although given the duration of the period in which we will be taking Animal Cuts, it will be worth doing to get up early and get running! If that is not the case, we recommend taking the first pack 20 minutes before breakfast.

Can I repeat take another bottle of Animal Cuts?

The recommendation as we are given is to take Animal Cuts for 21 consecutive days, then take a 1 week stimulant rest period. Once that period has ended, and given that we are closer to our purpose, we could evaluate to start another phase of taking another 21 (2 packs a day) or 42 (1 pack a day), the latter as maintenance.

To take into account with Animal Cuts

The results of Animal Cuts in anyone who tries it are remarkable. Maintaining guidelines like those described above and incorporating this great product into the arsenal of fat loss tools may “always” have a positive effect.

Reduce stimulant sources

While we find ourselves taking Animal Cuts, it is highly recommended to reduce the intake of stimulants from other sources, almost completely.

Eliminate the stimulants capsule

If necessary, either because of pathology against these substances, or because it starts again with the dosing of this product, there is the possibility of eliminating the intake

Interaction with other supplements

Among other recommended supplements that may contribute to improving the process of fat loss and maintenance of muscle mass while taking Animal Cuts:

  • Isolated Proteins, and even hydrolysed proteins
  • Amino-acids
  • Multivitamins and minerals
  • Essential Fatty Acids, like Omega-3, or CLA


During the period of intake, it is also recommended to ingest a high amount of fluid so that it helps us improve the excretion function found in the Animal Cuts Complex. Also note that this product will cause increased sweating, so together with this amount of fluid it would be advisable to intervene with some electrolyte complex as a reinforcement.


In my personal opinion, the main field of action of Animal Cuts is to serve as a set-up, starting from a not too high fat percentage, and given its form of intake (2 packs of 9 capsules daily), to be able to perform a phase of 1 or 2 takes of this product as the cusp to the definition process and to achieve the goal previously proposed with important results.

In addition to maintaining a hypocaloric diet, including this product can overcome this deficit, increasing the yield due to the stimulant complex, and improving the concentration of each training session.


  • Efficiency
  • Format and possibility to eliminate stimulants
  • Muscle definition
  • Cognitive Performance
  • Increasing sweat (reduction of liquid retention)


  • Patented mixture (not knowing the individual doses of each ingredient)
  • Hot flushes, especially in the summer season
  • Need to increase hydration
  • Stimulating power that can cause some headache or dizziness (although the stimulating component may be suppressed)
Animal Cuts

Quality - 90%

Effectiveness - 88%

Price - 80%

How it is taken - 100%


HSN Evaluation: 4.33 /5
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