Top 10 nuts for a fitness diet

Top 10 nuts for a fitness diet

Have you ever wondered about what are the benefits of nuts for a fitness diet? We have gathered 10 different nuts and explained their properties to enrich your meals or to simply eat them as a snack!

The properties and the nutritional supply of nuts are generally renowned and valued by the specialists in nutrition. However, what we do not usually know is their particular and unique characteristics, their contents, and their advantages or disadvantages for fitness recipes.

First of all, nuts are those foods that barely have any water and they also have a concentration of energy. They are excellent to combat stress and they have a high percentage of calories, proteins, and vitamins.

Properties and consumption of nuts

The main advise when it comes to consuming nuts is not adding salt, frying or toasting them. Consuming nuts in their natural state is what truly provides a supply of nutrients and it also guarantees more benefits. The salt that is used on nuts is harmful since it makes us thirsty, the kidneys have to work more, and it also increases the chances of suffering hypertension. It also triggers the hardening of fats, which increases their accumulation on the tissues.

One of the most important properties of nuts is their high percentage of healthy fats, and many of them are omega-3 fatty acids. They also offer and important variety of vitamins and minerals, some of the most remarkable ones are potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin E and B. Some nuts, like almonds and hazelnuts, have a considerable amount of calcium.

Top 10 nuts for our diet

1. Peanuts

They are mainly rich in folic acid, proteins, and isoflavones. They come from a leguminous plant, and they supply nutrients like fats, omega 6, and fibers. These elements are specially useful to reduce the cholesterol and they are a healthy food for the heart. They can be eaten raw or as a delicious peanut butter. Spreading 30g of peanut butter on toasts will provide you with approximately 10g of protein. Moreover, this spread also has a lot of calories, calcium, and iron, which is why it is advisable to eat it for breakfast.

2. Walnuts

One of their most important benefits is that they help to protect the heart. They are the nuts with the highest percentage of Omega 3 fatty acids. They are fatty foods, but most of the fat is polyunsaturated, which improves the cardiovascular parameters without altering the weight. Moreover, they also supply vitamins, proteins, and fibers, they actually help to lose weight due to their antioxidant properties and their ability to reduce the appetite. Walnuts also have soluble fiber, a nutrient that is very important to combat constipation. They help to improve the quality of sleep and the levels of serotonin.

3. Macadamia Nuts

They are mainly known for being a nut that favors the health of the heart. Their properties and benefits contribute to keeping a healthy cardiovascular system since they are mainly rich in omega 3 and 9 fats, proteins, minerals, polyphenols, and flavonoids. They have a great antioxidant power, but they are mostly known for their particular flavor and texture and their ample benefits to reduce the cholesterol. They can be perfectly included in a fitness diet, since they provide a great amount of energy and they help to combat obesity.

4. Brazil Nuts

The Brazil Nuts stand out due to their minerals content, mainly in selenium, which is why it is advisable to consume them moderately. Moreover, it is rich in vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant element that helps when it comes to reducing the harmful effects of the free radicals. They are extremely energizing and nutritious nuts (perfect for sportspeople) and they have a high percentage of healthy fatty acids. A bunch of Brazil nuts will provide an important amount of fiber and proteins.

5. Almonds

Like other nuts, almonds have properties to help to reduce the cholesterol and the risk of suffering a heart attack. They have starch, sucrose, glucose and a high concentration of fats. Another important property of almonds is that they are rich in vitamin E, calcium, and phosphorus, which contribute to the protection of the bones and teeth. They effectively help to maintain the body weight thanks to their healthy fats content. It is also possible to consume almond milk or other derivatives. This milk is completely natural and vegetable, and it contributes to the regulation of triglycerides, improves the digestion and it is a healthy alternative for those people who are intolerant to cow milk.

6. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds have a ton of benefits for health. They are specially rich in cardiovascular, antioxidant, emollient, and anti-inflammatory properties. They help to regulate the levels of glucose in the blood, due to the fact that they stimulate the pancreas, which is why they are advised for people with diabetes. Their content in L-Tryptophan is extremely useful for those people who tend to feel low or depressed. Their oils content makes them rich in calories. They must be consumed moderately, even if they help to satiate the appetite.

7. Hazelnuts

One of the most remarkable nutrients from hazelnuts is vitamin E. They also have monounsaturated fatty acids, magnesium, fiber, calcium, zinc, and iron among others. They do not have cholesterol and their vegetable protein is of an excellent quality, with high levels of arginine. This amino acid favors the structural, immune and enzymatic functions. Hazelnuts also provide a lot of energy, around 600 calories every 100 grams. They also provide fibers and minerals like calcium, which is why they are advisable to avoid bone problems and reduce the risk of injuries.

8. Chestnuts

The main feature of these nuts is that almost half of their composition is entirely made of carbohydrates. Moreover, the amount of fat is similar to that of cereals and, therefore, lower than other nuts. Some of its regulating nutrients are potassium and folates. To this, we also have to add its content in water that makes up half of its weight. All these properties mean that chestnuts are one of the nuts with a lower caloric content. They also advised for weight-loss diets, since they produce a satiating effect.

9. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds improve the state of the arteries and reduce the risk of suffering cardiovascular problems thanks to their polyunsaturated fatty acids. Moreover, their regular consumption reduces the blood pressure and the level of glucose, which significantly improves the state of those people with diabetes. Their important supply of essential amino acids like tryptophan which is a precursor of serotonin, give sesame seeds the ability to help to control the stress, anxiety, depression, problems to fall asleep, and apathy. This is the reason why this nut is ideal for those sportspeople who need an extra supply of energy for their activities.

10. Pine Nuts

The amount of proteins in pine nuts can even reach a 20% of their weight. They are mainly known for their richness in B vitamins, which contribute to a proper neuromuscular functioning and they also have vitamin E which is a great antioxidant element that helps to combat stress and the natural damage of the aging process. They contain potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium, an enormous amount of healthy fats, and they are also an advised source of energy. Apart from having a satiating effect, pine nuts provide good quality fats, proteins, fibers, and vitamins, which means that all in all, they are an excellent food for vegetarians and sportspeople.

The benefits of nuts tend to be underestimated or questioned due to their incomplete supply of calories or proteins. The truth is that each one of them have their own properties that are usually unknown but which are really important for the good functioning of our organism. Adding nuts to our diet will not only provide an energy boost, but we will also be effectively protecting the cardiovascular system and regulating the levels of cholesterol. It is fundamental to take into account the way to consume each nut and regulate the amount depending on their composition and our metabolism.

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