Fitness Competitions Postpartum

Fitness Competitions Postpartum

This article is the first in a series that will focus on explaining and detailing the steps to take in preparation for the next competition, this time covering a new challenge: Fitness Competitions Postpartum.

But before we get down to business, I want to give you some background information:

Spanish WNBF Championship

In October of 2018 I won the Spanish WNBF Championship in Mallorca, obtaining the PROFESSIONAL title.

That same year, in November, I competed in the World Championship in Los Angeles, finishing in 8th place in my category, which consisted of the 16 national champions of their respective countries.

If want to find out more about my experience competing in Bikini Fitness Pro, you can have a look at this link.

WNBF Championship

Twin Pregnancy

On 5th March 2019 I became pregnant, with twins, and I tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle with good nutritional and training habits, of course in the latter case adapted to my new situation.


With my fitness mentality there was no risk for my health, and in this new stage neither for my twins (actually identical twins), so I kept training as long as it was advisable, resting from the 6th month onwards.

The truth is that it wasn’t easy, but I knew it was the best for everyone, and although I tried to stay as active as possible, the limitations were more than evident.

The Babies’ Birth

On 4 November, 2019, my little ones we born, Narel and Luca, and I could not be happier about how the whole process went. They were born by vaginal delivery and without complications, the first weighing 2kg 220g and the second 2kg 300g.

Then quarantine began, and it was time to listen to the body and focus on the great gift that life had given us 🙂
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¿Cómo van esos propósitos de año nuevo? 😅 . . Es importante tener metas, propósitos, ilusiones… al igual que es importante saber hasta dónde podemos exigirnos. Seamos sensatos, no podemos pasar de 0 a 100 en un solo mes, pero seguro que sí somos capaces de mejorar hábitos y crear algunos nuevos que nos acerquen a nuestros objetivos. En mi caso, me propuse: 👉🏼aumentar NEAT. 👉🏼retomar el gym. 👉🏼ser más constante con la dieta. 👉🏼ser más constante con mi rutina de cuidados personales. Y algunas cosas más. . . ¿Qué he conseguido en este mes? 👉🏼He aumentado mi media de pasos diarios (NEAT) y me muevo más. 👉🏼He retomado el gym y además con mucha motivación. 👉🏼Mayor adherencia con la dieta. 👉🏼Pocas veces fallo en mi rutina de cuidados. Y… ¿Puedo mejorar lo que he hecho éste mes? Por supuesto que sí 💪🏼, pero a mi ritmo, creando adherencia, creando o retomando hábitos saludables, siendo consciente de dónde fallo y procurar que ocurra lo menos posible y sobre todo no machacándome si fallo, ya que eso no me reporta beneficio ninguno. Éste mes he mantenido mi peso Inicial, pero he reducido en un 5% mi % graso. También me siento mejor, la ropa me sienta mejor, vuelvo a entrar en la mayoría de mis pantalones y me siento más capaz de seguir mejorando. Y creo que eso es lo más importante, sentirme fuerte mentalmente, capaz de seguir cumpliendo objetivos reales, paso a paso #stepbystep . . . . . . . #tandemfitness #Sonia_Tudela #mujerreal #mamavegana #mamaprimeriza #familia #amor #bebes #mellizos #mellistandem #Fitnessnatural

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Starting to Compete Again

At the moment, the little ones are 3 months old. I feel much better and my life is starting to settle down, so after weighing it up a lot and meditating on the matter:

Carlos and I decided to set about preparing to compete at the end of the year.

At this point, I want to clarify that for us to compete or not to compete does not make a big difference, this is our lifestyle, what we like, so it’s simply a matter of getting more serious and doing things better than we would otherwise.

At no time do we intend to miss out on anything, much less enjoy all the wonderful moments we’re living as parents, our priorities are clear and will remain so throughout the preparation.

Developments after Pregnancy

Now yes, the moment of truth has arrived ;): during the pregnancy I gained 17kg, going past 60 – my average weight is 57 or 58 out of competition (this year I weighed 54 on the platform) –to reach just over 77kg the week before giving birth.

For a twin pregnancy it’s not too much, but neither was it ideal. Having to keep almost complete rest during the last two months of pregnancy did not help in this respect, but generally I’d say it’s acceptable.

Before giving birth

After a week I was already at a weight of 67kg, I had already lost about 10, but the body composition was very different from before I became pregnant.

You’ll see that I talk a lot about weight in this post, but this is just to give you a reference to the changes the body is going through and how we shouldn’t panic, especially in the beginning.

Starting to Train

The months of November and December were purely for adaptation, two babies give a lot of work and at first thinking about anything else was practically science fiction.

I had to adapt to being with them all day and all night…well, more of the same XD, especially if we consider that I’m exclusively breastfeeding on demand. I was trying to eat healthy most of the time and little else.

By January I’d already started training again, being very conservative with the weights and focusing mainly on technique and readjustment work, retrieving sensations and starting from less to more.

It’s important to remember that pregnancy and childbirth change our structure a lot and that at the beginning it’s normal to feel discomfort until everything returns to its place.

For the first month, I trained 2 days a week, and now I’m on 3, which I’ll maintain for a large part of the preparation.

In Terms of Diet

During the pregnancy I progressively increased my calorie in take, which is advisable during the whole process.

It never occurred to me to put my physique before the health of my children, and although there were stages when I thought I was over-covering myself, I just stuck to healthy eating and being consistent with my situation.

When I gave birth, I didn’t lower my calories, in fact I kept increasing them, breastfeeding makes us burn a lot more, and as I was initially worried about not having enough milk for two hungry little ones cutting them was not in my plans.

I realised this wasn’t going to be an issue when Carlos and I sat down to assess when we should do.

Calorie Control

During the pregnancy, and the first months after, I didn’t keep an exhaustive calorie control. I tried to have some estimates, but nothing too much.

It was when we started to think about competing that Carlos told me that I should start keeping a count.

When prepping, the step should always be assessing where you are, your starting point, and that’s what we did.

Current Diet

I’m currently eating about 2500kcal, divided as follows:

  • 160g if protein (some 2.5g per kg of body weight per day)
  • 330g of carbohydrates (5g per kg of body weight per day)
  • 60g of fat (+ o – 1g per kg of body weight per day).
You shouldn’t forget that I’m vegan, and this has a lot of influence on the distribution. Firstly, because we’re interested in having the highest protein, and, secondly, because its very easy to increase the amount of carbohydrates almost without realising.

Competing in the WNBF 2020

The second and no less important point is to plan the preparation in time so that we don’t have to run at the last minute.

My intention, if everything goes as it should, is to compete in this year’s WNBF world championship held again in Los Angeles. To do so, we have less than 10 months, about 41 weeks, so it’s time to get down to business 🙂

Current Physical Condition

My measurements:

  • Pectoral: 5mm
  • Abdomen: 15mm
  • Thigh: 30mm
  • Triceps: 9.5mm
  • Sub-scapular: 9.5mm
  • Supra-iliac: 8mm
  • Axillary: 7mm

We’ve used the Jackson Pollock 7-spot body fat formula, measured with a picometer and it gives us 18-19% fat.

The reality is probably a little higher, but it’s good enough for us to make a comparison and see how much progress has been made.

In the end, when you go out to compete, nobody asks you the % of fat, so the aim is simply to improve on before..
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Ya van entrando más ganas de hacerse fotitos, aunque sola es algo complicado y encime da corte que me pillen 😅, pero los gains empiezan a aparecer 🥰. . . En la foto de espaldas se puede apreciar mi celulitis en todo su esplendor y esque no es cuestión de comprase los leggins más caros y comprensivos para esconderla, si está, no se esconde, se trabaja para reducirla. Pero seamos pacientes, que las cosas de palacio van muuuuy despacio y seamos realistas, si sufres celulititis no la vas a eliminar por completo nunca, excepto si tu % graso es MUUUUY bajo, algo que sólo se consigue de cara a competir ya que no es algo muy saludable para mantener todo el año. Somos mujeres y la gran mayoría tenemos celulititis en mayor o menor proporción y NO PASA NADA 😜, solo unas pocas privilegiadas no la sufren aún teniendo un % graso más alto. Centrémonos en ganar masa muscular que es el mejor termogénico que existe. Centrémonos en comer de forma saludable y controlada, que es lo que nos aportará salud y energía para entrenar fuerte y llegar a nuestro objetivo. Y la genética… pues sí, algo influye, pero te aseguro que si trabajas duro y sigues unas buenas pautas ajustadas y enfocadas a tu objetivo en concreto, los resultados llegarán. . . . . #tandemfitness #Sonia_Tudela #mujerreal #vegan #veganfit #woman #wonderwoman #stronggirl #strongwoman #picoftheday #instapic #evolucion #mamifit #bikinifitnessPRO

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Every month, in addition to doing a pictures and folds follow up, we’ll take some control measurements such as waist, hips, etc, and detail the adjustments we’ll be making both at training and diet level so that you have the most detailed and accurate information.

Supplements to be used

As far as supplementation is concerned, I can only say that I have to be careful while breastfeeding, so for the time being I’m sticking to protein.

I combine soybean with pea, although I consider protein powder more as a food than as a supplement.

I continue to take the multivitamin I took during pregnancy, Solgar Prenatal, and of course vitamin B12, which as a vegan is essential for me to take.

We’ve set ourselves the most ambitious goal of our career this year, and it will be an absolute pleasure to share it with you. I hope that, at the very least, it will serve as motivation, and for you to see that if you want to, and you work properly, you can 😉

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