Advice for Behaving in the Gym after COVID-19

Advice for Behaving in the Gym after COVID-19

We tell you what you need to know about how to behave in the gym after COVID-19.

Health is important, so fitness life could offer you all the benefits you’ve needed by staying immersed within a long-standing sedentary daily life.

The arrival of confinement due COVID-19 has caused a mess in the routine of those who resorted to the gym to ward off sagging existences.

However, good news has arrived: the opening of these facilities will give you the opportunity to return to toning and losing weight in style

Of course, the presence of this highly contagious virus in 2020 is still a determining factor.

Therefore, you’ll need to find a new behavioural regime so as not to be affected by the virus.

Keeping these details in mind with phase 3 coming into action (access to bodybuilding rooms), we bring you some recommendations that will help you not fall into the hands of the coronavirus in the enclosure for both aerobic and anaerobic exercises:

Viral recommendations

Avoid physical contact

If you are an extroverted person and have a cordial relationship with the other people in the fitness world, we advise you to avoid at all costs any handshakes (especially hugs and kisses), no matter how healthy your training partner looks.


Also, don’t forget that they recommend keeping a distance of two meters between users. You must accept this for your health and that of others.

Another guide-observation of how to behave in the gym after Covid-19 is to move away from those who are coughing and sneezing while training.


You’re unlikely to find them because of the presence of staff who can restrict access to them, but be careful if you come across them.


Opt for dumbbells or machines that that particular customer is not using and clean them before touching them.

On the other hand, the authorities advise you to use a couple of towels (one to dry you and one to clean up sweat residue you left on the floor or machine inadvertently).

You should also keep this advice in mind: be cautious.

So, wear gloves if you can and a mask to protect yourself. Don’t take it off for talking or sneezing or coughing (although it sounds obvious, there are some users who make that terrible mistake).

Also, remember to wash your hands always and avoid touching your mouth, nose and the whole face if you have not been to the bathroom to disinfect your body with soap and/or antiseptics.


On the other hand, if you are over sixty years old, it is preferable not to go to the gym or make it extra safe, because you will be at greater risk, mainly if you suffer from diseases such as diabetes, among others.

How to use the sports rooms

To have a better coexistence in the enclosure within the framework of Covid-19 and, as we mentioned in the suggestions above, have some ideas of politeness and hygiene to respect the personal space of each user and don’t break the distance imposed by the authorities (we are talking about the two meters mentioned).

Also choose not to use the local water sources, although in many places they will be sealed.

Take yours in bottles or another drink that gives you strength.

This precaution is needed because the coronavirus can spread to you via that route.

Another tip on how to use the rooms: do not bathe in the facility after use.

Do it at home because you’ll never know for sure if the person who used the shower before you is contaminated by the virus (it doesn’t matter if they’ve been allowed into the gym).

Please note that after using the dumbbells or other body strengthening devices (arms, shoulders, chest, back or legs), go to the bathroom.

Avoid having hands touch your face and wash them for more than twenty seconds to avoid any mishaps.


If you’re prudent, you’ll achieve your plan to safeguard your health smoothly.

On the other hand, if you feel a strong discomfort or symptoms of flu after you have put your routine into practice, go to your doctor as soon as you can.

This will rule out alleged contamination in the room due to the lack of effective prevention strategies employed by your gym staff.

You can also enjoy the alternative of exercising at home with our training routine that you can read at this link.

But if you want to socialise and keep fit in these facilities, stay attentive and stay away from others (although it sounds contradictory) until the risk declines.

Clean dumbbells

In this way Coronavirus will be out of your life and the life of your family and friends.

Details you should note

Risk population

Consider that for safety, if you are a pregnant woman, avoid the facilities for the moment.

Like seniors, you can be at serious risk. It is more appropriate that you stay at home as well as those over sixty who have diseases that can make them more sensitive to the virus.

Either way, at some point the pandemic will end and we will be able to resume activities normally. So don’t be discouraged if you’re in that group, first and foremost, move forward with positivity.

Wash your clothes and equipment

On the other hand, keep in mind the bandanas to cover your hair and the wristbands that will be important to you to take care of your health more effectively if you want to take the best precautions.

Train coronavirus

Similarly, when you leave the gym and return home, get ready to wash all that protective material like your shoes (the virus can survive for a while on clothes and on the ground where it has been abandoned).


Finally, a daily fitness routine is nothing without protection at this time.

So don’t miss this guide on how to behave in the gym after COVID-19.

It’s the best thing you can do to protect yourself from the virus:

  • Don’t forget your weapons (mask, gloves, small bottles, disinfectant, etc).
  • Choose to have a safe distance from those around you.
By implementing these recommendations, you’ll have no problem with your journey through the life of sweat and the strength that the world of sport will always provide.


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