How does a Cyclist train during Quarantine?

How does a Cyclist train during Quarantine?

Is cycling the least affected sport by this quarantine and COVID-19? Many people may think that is the case since cyclists adapt their own bicycles to rollers in order to keep on training. Moreover, we can now enjoy virtual workouts thanks to new technologies, which allow us to explore new routes without leaving our homes. In this article, we will talk about how to approach a cycling workout during quarantine.

To answer the question, no, it is not the least affected sport during this lockdown (specially if we talk about professionals…). However, it has been able to adapt to the new circumstances thanks to technology

Stay-at-home order

In the case of Spain, the government established the state of alarm through a Royal Decree-law on March 15. Therefore, no one could go out and do exercise.

Despite all those who have requested a special permission for professionals (which happens in other countries) common sense has prevailed. In fact, the government has applied the same rules to everyone in order to fight together against COVID-19.

Indoor cycling

Indoor bicycles can also help you stay in shape during the quarantine.

That is why cyclists have started to adapt their work at home. Some have even decided to use their bike with a roller.

But, can cyclists maintain their shape with a complete roller workout?

The answer is no, in the case of professionals. But this can change for those who are passionate about cycling or bicycle touring, which combine their hobby with their daily lives. Even if it has come to a halt due to the quarantine.

Some people are cycling now more than ever at home than before when they could still go outside!

But do not be fooled, do you think rollers are easy? This clip may change your mind…

New Technologies in Cycling

Without any doubt, the help from technology has deeply benefited cycling in recent years.

Training with rain or bad weather is over, both for professionals and amateurs.

Rollers have gone from being a monotonous and boring tool to be used in video games that you can connect to a network. That way, you can join your cycling colleagues while staying fit!

The two main virtual cycling systems are Bkool and Zwift, which belong to different brands. Even though there are barely any differences, they will usually be compatible with specific rollers, sometimes sold by the same brand.

Moreover, due to the Coronavirus lockdown, there are different offers and promotions in order to encourage the use of these systems.

In fact, you will also find leagues and competitions to kill time.

Workout with Professional Cyclists

Above all, everyone is using their imagination in order to come up with new entertaining ways of spending time at home.

So, many professionals and ex-professionals, sometimes with the support from brands, have started to do roller workouts through social media. A way to take a closer look to their workout methods.

Some of them do this on a daily basis, using some of the apps that we mentioned previously. Clearly, everyone is jumping on the commercial current…

Tips to Train with Roller

Make a quick search on Google or on some of the most popular cycling websites and you will find plenty of roller workouts.

Moreover, many of them are done by cycling professionals and they have been specially designed for the conditions of the quarantine and COVID-19: lockdown, less calorie expenditure and other conditions that you are probably experiencing…

I could probably come up with some kind of roller routine or workout for the following weeks. However, I value the work of professionals on the matter.

Cycling shoes

Do not forget to use all your accessories on the roller: clothing, trainers and even gloves.

What i can do is leave you an interesting and quality link where you can find out specific cycling workouts during the quarantine:

  • Royal Spanish Cycling Federation, created Javier Fernández Alba.

Like many cycling trainers and coaches claim, not all programs will adapt to every single person. Each athlete has a different condition and the workout needs to adapt to the athlete, not the other way around.

Conditions to use a roller

Indoor Cycling Machines

Also, not everyone is going to have such a complete equipment, but that does not mean we cannot do a roller session.

Some other things we need to take into account are the conditions of the roller workouts:

  • Place your roller in a ventilated room or use a fan.
  • Use appropriate clothing: maillot, but specially culotte, cycling shoes and a towel for the sweat.
  • Make sure that the roller does not move before starting, everything should be in place.
  • Stay hydrated, as we will see next, it is even more important than when you do outdoor cycling.
  • Do not spend hours and hours in the roller. Plan your workout sessions with different levels, quality over quantity.

Sport Nutrition and Roller

One of the main questions when it comes to rollers has to do with hydration and nutrition. Do we have to follow similar patterns to the ones we follow on outdoor workouts?

As you will probably know, we are going to spend less calories during the lockdown. Regarding the hydration and nutrition, you are going to be surprised by what a roller workout involves.

A workout with this indoor accessory will cause:

  • More glucose oxidation since it will be hotter inside than outside.
  • In turn, this will increase the body temperature.
  • At the same time, this will make us drink more liquid, vitamins and specially minerals.

Therefore, the answer to the first question is simple: Yes, we do have to maintain and even increase the amount of liquid we drink. In addition, it will be better if it is also rich in minerals.

However, when it comes to roller workout nutrition and hydration, it will mainly depend on the intensity of the workout.

Sweat cycling

What supplements can you use in your cycling workout during quarantine?

Obviously, an isotonic drink is going to be key for your daily workouts at home. We suggest following a roller workout (like the previous one) or contacting a personal trainer to make one for you.


The first product by HSN we would recommend is Evodrink 2.0 that you can mix in a sports bottle. In this product, you will find a blend of new generation carbohydrates, more protein and electrolytes.

However, since the calorie expenditure will be lower during the lockdown, we can only suggest using this product as long as the workout lasts more than one hour. In these circumstances, it will be necessary to drink carbohydrates in order to recharge the muscle glycogen.

And what if we are going to spend less time at a lower intensity on the roller?

The most important thing in this case is to maintain the mineral salt levels. As we mentioned before, the workout will increase your body temperature and you will sweat a lot more.


That is why in HSN, we suggest taking a capsule of Evolytes (electrolyte salts) by SportSeries. Thanks to this product, you will get enough minerals and electrolytes to avoid becoming dehydrated during your home workouts.

You can also use the same product with a Plus, that is, caffeine. This ingredient will give you an energy boost for your workouts.

Is it advisable to use this product during the lockdown? It is, since it can give you that necessary push to avoid being lazy before your workouts.


In this sense, caffeine is also going to be a good tool for high intensity sessions. So, for example, if you go for Evodrink 2.0 to stay hydrated during a high intensity workout, you can also take a capsule of Natural Caffeine by EssentialSeries. It will help you focus on your workout.

Citrulline Malate

This ingredient is also related to the energy and performance, you can use Citrulline Malate in your high intensity workout routine with a roller.

But, what is it? It is a food supplement that will buffer the lactic production, as well as other residues that can hinder the physical performance. Moreover, it supports the muscle ATP regeneration, as well as the nitric oxide production (NO).

You can choose between citrulline malate powder or capsules, both available in the HSN online store.

Is the recovery important?

Of course! Your body does not know if you are doing exercise indoor or outdoor.

That is why it is necessary to take enough protein that will help you regenerate the damaged muscle fibers.

When it comes to cycling, the specialists suggest taking a pre-digested whey protein. To do so, you can purchase Evohydro 2.0 in HSN. This product is made up of hydrolyzed whey protein isolate from the best raw ingredient: Lacprodan® Hydro.90.INS.

For the most demanding workouts, the best product will be a blend of carbs and protein. SportSeries offers the popular  Evorecovery.

The most important is to stay hydrated and nourished despite not being able to go outside!

Bike touring

Full Body Workout at Home

Not everything is going to be cycling, like a hamster in its cage. In fact, it is also advisable to complete your workout with full body or functional training exercises.

We have already seen it is possible to do this type of workouts at home without barely any material. Alfredo Valdés keeps giving us the best advice every day in the posts about the COVID-19 workout routine:

The workouts are made up of exercises focused on areas. Most of them will adapt to the needs of a full body workout for cyclists.

However, there are many cycling professionals who have shared their wisdom through social media.

That is the case of Carlos Coloma, Olympic Medalist in Mountain Bike in the last Olympics from Río 2016:

View this post on Instagram

Sesión de hoy para hacer en casa, podéis adaptar todo. Por ejemplo el press de hombro, con garrafas de agua.. y así el que tengáis dudas, buscar algún ingenio 😉 Mucho mucho ánimo!! . 20’ de calentamiento en rodillo Más 3 series de 7’, os pongo los ejercicios y recordar tenéis que completar los 7’ todas las veces que os dé tiempo y así pasamos a los 2’ de recuperación entre ellas. 7’ – 10 flexiones + 10 zancadas + saltos en comba y así sin parar volver a empezar, flexiones, zancadas, comba .. hasta completar los 7’. . . 2’ – De recuperación . . 7’ – 7 Burpees + 7 Press hombro + 15 abdominales y sin parar volver a empezar, 7 burpees, 7 press hombro, 15 abdominal y así hasta completar los 7’. . . 2’ – De recuperación . . 7’ – 15 sentadillas + 10 levantamiento de disco + 5 dominadas y así volver a empezar, 15 sentadillas + 10 levantamiento de disco + 5 dominadas.. hasta completar los 7’ y FIN!! . Terminamos con 30’ de rodillo . . @bhtemplocafes #yoentrenoencasa #yomequedoencasa #bhtemplocafesucc

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We have been doing some rolling workouts for a few weeks now. In the HSN Blog, you will only find the best tips and advice. #StayHome, but do not forget to exercise! 😉

Cycling Workout during Quarantine Review

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