Why is a 15 year old boy doing CrossFit?

Why is a 15 year old boy doing CrossFit?

When Manuel asked me to write an entry for the HSN blog I was very excited. Then I thought… What should I write about? In the end, I decided to write about me, not because I think I am special. Rather, because I thought I could give my insight regarding strength training and CrossFit during adolescence. Above all, it is not harmful, it does not affect the growth and it is safe as long as you do it right.

How and Why I started doing CrossFit?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning system made up of varied functional exercises at a high intensity

Defining CrossFit actually helps me explain Why I Started… I wanted to be stronger and faster. Sports have always been present in my life since I can remember. When I was only 2 years old, my parents took me to a gym for babies, LITTLE GYM. There, I improved the psychomotricity, played and learnt English. When I was 6, I swam at the public swimming pool and when I became 8, I joint the gymnastics sports club Hytasa.

Like any boy, I also played football for to years and I was chosen as newcomer of the year at the age of 14. I was not bad at playing football.

But a good day…

I found a man on Youtube called Rich Froning Jr. He had a spectacular physique and he has earned the title of “Fittest On Earth” several times.


The idea of becoming the fittest human on earth completely caught my attention. One day, I wanted to reach that position. Therefore, I started doing CrossFit.

During the summer of 2015, Raúl (the Owner of CrossFit la Forja) saw me training. Then, he told me to go to his box so that Sergio Álvarez Boulet could assess me. Sergio is a Cuban weightlifter, 3 times Olympic athlete, world champion). It seems that he liked my style… which explains How I Began

My Career in CrossFit

Up until now, everything has gone really fast. In September 2015 I managed to classify for the Andalusian weightlifting championship.


In two months, I managed to win:
  • Andalusian sub-15 Championship
  • Spanish sub-15 Championship

And on 2016:

  • Andalusian sub-17 Championship
  • Spanish sub-17 Second Place

Later on, I specifically trained for the CrossFit Games 2016. Then, I managed to become 1st in Europe and 12nd worldwide in the Teen category.

After that, I entered the final phase of the GR1PS Venice games and Cyprus Throwdown. But I was not able to attend.

All in all, this sums up my first year and three months as an athlete…

Who was with me all this time?

Currently, I feel really fortunate to be able to work with the very best:


I feel extremely proud of joining the HSN team at the age of 15. One of the best teams at a national level that has allowed me to be with great athletes.

How is a day in my life?

My alarm rings at 6:30 a.m to go to highschool. Eating, studying and training is a good summary of my day to day.

The workouts are divided in two blocks:

  1. Warm up – Motility-Weightlifting-Strength. 2h
  2. Gymnastics-Metabolic… all in all, CrossFit. 1h45′-2h


I follow a diet plan by Sergio Espinar, an excellent nutritionist. Above all, I always try to follow this timetable:

  • 7:00 a.m – breakfast
  • 11:30 a.m sandwich-fruit-protein
  • 14:45 p.m lunch
  • 17:00 p.m pre-workout snack, meal during the workout
  • 21:00 p.m fruit-juice-protein
  • 22:30 p.m dinner

All my supplementation is from HSN, which sells high quality products: protein, creatine, glutamine, BCAA’s


And a great discovery, Protein, Cocoa and Hazelnut Spread 🙂

Future Plans

Grow as an athlete

To do so, I completely trust in my coaches and team in order to win:

  • Crossfit Games 2017
  • Sub-17 and Junior Andalusian Championship
  • Sub-17 Spanish Championship
  • Try to classify for important European CrossFit Championships(Italianshowdown, The European championships)

To put it briefly, those would be my main objectives for 2017. Moreover, I would also like to go to Camps and concentrations to keep on learning.

Dándole a la barra, pasando las tardes. @xoomproject @rocktapeesp @hsnstore_es @alphaathleticsperformance @hatlex_espana

Un vídeo publicado por Gabi Castro (@gabicastro_00) el

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CrossFit and Adolescence Review

Fittest on Earth - 100%

Goals and achievements - 100%

Coaches and nutritionists - 97%

Future plans - 100%


HSN Evaluation: 5 /5
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