How to deal with an injury in CrossFit?

How to deal with an injury in CrossFit?

Sara Sigmundsdottir is having an obligatory rest for at least 6 weeks. The number 4 fittest girl in the world has announced her medical status on social networks.

She started by quoting Mike Tyson:

…everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth…

And that’s a good way to explain what she must be experiencing. No crossfitter plans to get injured and sit out training for weeks or months, but it is certainly a risk we all take, and one that we must be prepared to accept to the best of our ability.

As she explains, this past week she discovered the seriousness of the discomfort she had been carrying for some time.

Carrying an injury since the Games

It seems that since the Games she had been carrying some pain in one of her shoulder blades. Something that she didn’t want to give more importance to but that, little by little, was growing in intensity. She blamed the pain on the fact that regaining the level of training she was used to after the break she took at the end of the Games.

Sara Sigmundsdottir

She thought the discomfort was a process of adaptation back to their normal level of intensity of training, but nothing beyond that.

It seems that a week ago, in one of her training sessions, she noticed something was going on. But she kept thinking tit wouldn’t be serious, until, as the days went by, the pain only increased, to the point it became simply unbearable.

Cancelling Competitions

In the face of this situation, she had to change her plans. She had planned to travel from Australia, where she competed in the Regionals, to Abu Dhabi. With the intention of training there until the Dubai Fitness Championship. The competition which she left last year with the number one medal hanging from her neck.


But with this pain, she decided to take a flight to Iceland, her birthplace, to be able to go to her trusted doctor and physiotherapist. With the intention of having the pain checked and to be able to return to her plans as soon as possible.

What is the Injury?

She never thought that the tests she underwent would result in the following diagnosis: breakage of the first rib. The doctors explained to her that there was so much pain because the muscles protecting her ribs were interfering with the nerves. This, together with the inflammation from the broken rib, even caused her difficulty breathing normally.


It must have been a truly uncomfortable injury with her noting that she wasn’t even able to pull up her trousers or put on her socks by herself.

How long will the recovery take?

To the diagnosis and explanation of the situation, the Games athlete adds her own reflection on how to deal with the injury. She herself acknowledges that this is just a wall she has to overcome, and, in fact, one she has already started to climb.


All this obviously interfered with her planning…

Doctors expect her to recover after a period of rest of at least 6 to 8 weeks. The injury is serious, so she was forced to skip the stop in Dubai. And she won’t be able to compete in the Dubai Fitness Championship that will take place next 13th-16th December.

Continue Training

So right now she’s in Iceland, adapting training so that they don’t harm the recovery of her rib, as you can see in her Instagram. It’s clear that the rest of a professional CrossFit athlete is not the same as that of an amateur.

You can imagine how difficult it must be for someone like her to deal with an injury of this kind. If you’ve seen how badly it is not being able to train as an amateur, imagine if you were a professional athlete. We’re sending her a lot of encouragement so that she doesn’t don’t fall down but comes out of this break with a lot of strength.

You can follow her instagram to see her training focussed at the moment on the lower body:


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