Competing at CrossFit: Reasons to go for it

Competing at CrossFit: Reasons to go for it

Why do a CrossFit competition?

The number of CrossFit competitions increases in the summer, and it seems that the calendar of popular competitions is somehow adapted to the professional. For some time now, interest in CrossFit has been increasing considerably.

In the last three years, where before there were 3 boxes, now there are 10, and where before there was a CrossFit competition, there are now 3. As interest in this sport grows and grows, everything around it does so in the same way.

First Crossfit competition

Even if you are one of the last to join this world, you’re bound to have heard about a competition here or there because some of your boxing colleagues have heard about them, or you’ve seen that they are being recorded for the qualifying, or have seen that they are preparing for something in particular.

Well, we’re going to see why you should find encouragement in this too:

First of all, don’t think you have to be the best to go to a competition


If only the ones that think they’re the best participated, there would be no competition. Most attend for the experience and without any intention of making a podium. Unless you’re a real ace and have a performance average well above the rest of the people who train with you, you’re not going to a competition to win.

And even so, you probably don’t want to say anything, because in an external competition it’s not going to help you determine if you’re the best in the box, because there are many athletes who participate who will also be the best in their box. And it’s all right, of course there is a competitive atmosphere, but it’s all about giving your best.

In a competition, limits are pushed

Overcoming limits

You’ve been doing it for a while now and you know what you are capable of doing or not. You know your maximum weight for the movement, you know you are good at this, or slow at that. But in competitions you’re often surprised when you do things with the energy of the moment that you did not see yourself able to do before.

For example, workout a muscle that you were struggling with. Aim for a maximum weight higher than your previous personal record. Don’t give yourself so many breaks between movements, and keep going.

You learn

Learning competition

When you’re faced with having to do the wod you’re given, without the option to skip it, modify it, replace the exercise… you have to do it and that’s it, you come up against what you know how to do best and what you don’t. And this puts you even more in your place.

Seeing yourself unable to overcome an exercise, to advance more or faster because you get stuck in a particular place, gives you a lesson about where more effort has to fall in your training to become a better and more complete athlete.

Because it’s fun

Crossfit fun

Whether you like it or not, seeing yourself in action, with your colleagues cheering, the music, the speaker, the atmosphere in general, is like the CrossFit competitions you’ve been inspired by watching before. Somehow, even if it’s on a different scale, you can feel the sensations your CrossFit idols like Matt Fraser, Sara Sigdmusdottir all felt before…

This is CrossFit too, and it’s for you as well

Crossfit for you

Competitions at a non-professional level are there to bring together the maximum number of non-professional participants. There are all kinds of competitions and by doing the qualifiers you’ll ensure you go to a competition where you’re at the right level because those who go will more or less be at your levels.

The majority of people who do CrossFit are not going to make a living from the sport.

And it’s the highest percentage of those competing in the boxes. Even if you go to a competition and win or lose, it won’t change anything in your day to day, because it’s still a hobby for you. But precisely because it is a hobby, enjoy it.

My First CrossFit Competition

Crossfit competition

Typically, you start with an internal competition in your box (CrossFit gym).

Not that it’s a universal law, but many boxes celebrate the boxing years by doing what we love best, CrossFit, and with a more festive and exciting touch, an internal competition. It’s a good way to make a debut, at home. With the confidence of knowing that you’re in your environment, with your people. It’s usually normal that there are also the two divisions, Rx and Climbing, so you don’t have to be afraid, you won’t feel out of place.

If you like the atmosphere of a competition, that adrenaline rush you get when you hear the beep of the time trial, you can consider a similar competition, but outside the box.

Competing in Teams

Competing by teams Crossfit

If you think it’s a big step, don’t do it alone. Go to a team competition. At least you won’t be alone in the face of danger, and with your buddies you’ll cope much better with nerves, so the experience is positive and fun.

If you follow this evolution, roughly, you’ll likely be curious to go at least once on your own to experience all we’ve talked about, and after living it in your own skin, you’ll know how many more times you want to do it again!

My Experience in a CrossFit Competition

Here’s a video reflecting the experiences from the inside, fancy trying it?

Review of Competing at CrossFit

Why go - 100%

Overcoming limits - 100%

Learn - 100%

Make it fun - 100%


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