HSN Supplements in the changing room of Movistar Estudiantes, by Dr. Juan José Pérez

HSN Supplements in the changing room of Movistar Estudiantes, by Dr. Juan José Pérez

The world of professional basketball is becoming more and more demanding: number of matches, results, impossibility of being injured… That is why the clubs use sport supplements that will provide the best recovery for our players. In Movistar Estudiantes, we rely on HSN, our elite supplier. In this post, we want to show you how we manage the diets and nutrition of our players, as well as the role of the HSN supplements in the changing room of Movistar Estudiantes.

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What are the current needs of Basketball?

It is a dynamic contact sport that involves intermittent efforts of not more than 30″. Apart from that, there are usually sports of more or less the same time between successive actions.

Said stops are due to other aspects of the game, such as time-outs, free throws, fouls, etc.

Let’s not forget that the game is divided in four times of 10 minutes each. Even though a match lasts 40 minutes and a competition can last one hour and 45 minutes or more. Each team will have the ball for 24″ maximum, which has sped up the match when compared to previous years. In fact, before there were 2 times of 20′ and each team could hold onto the ball for 30″.

Each player can run 5-6km per match on average (point guards more than centers). Moreover, intense actions during the game will increase the heart rate of the player over a 90% of its maximum rate.

Moreover, the matches have become more demanding in the last seasons.

There are 1-2 matches every week in club competitions (Liga Endesa ACB or Liga Femenina 2): national competitions as well as matches with some European teams.

In addition, we have to include the FIBA (national teams), when there can be many matches in just a few days (Olympic Games, European or World Championships).

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What are the risks for athletes?

The players can accumulate a lot of fatigue due to all those matches, apart from travelling from one place to another.

This can result in a higher risk of injury and/or diseases due to a less active immune system.

On the other hand, it is important to know the individual features of the players, which can be quite different:

  • The age of the players varies a lot, with veterans (more than 30-35 years) and young players (with barely 20 years).
  • The weight and size also vary a lot: from very light players that are not taller than 180 centimeters and 80kg of weight, to others that measure 215cm and 115kg.
  • Another aspect we have to take into account is the globalization of sports, which means that players from different nationalities, cultures, religions coexist. Therefore, the eating habits of each player can also be quite different between one another.
  • Moreover, we want to highlight that not all players play the same amount of time. Some have accumulated many minutes while others have barely touched the court.

The main objective of the medical service from a basketball team is to make sure that the player is in optimal conditions to train and compete. In the case of Movistar Estudiantes, that includes the work of doctors, physiotherapists, physical trainers, nutritionists, psychologists and all the support personnel.

And what is the key of all this? The diet and nutrition of the players.

Women in Black Basketball

Diet and Nutrition of a basketball player

Like we have previously mentioned, there are young players who live at home and who eat with their family. Therefore, it is easier to control their diet.

However, others live in a residence or apartments, so they will probably fall into the temptation of eating fast food. Those are the players that we need to have under control.

Due to this diversity, we will have to focus on each player individually and plan short and long-term strategies.

For example…

We may be looking to increase the muscle mass of a young player within two years. With this objective in mind, the player will have to follow a specific training routine and use more protein supplementation.

On the contrary, the objective with other players will be to stay in shape and that is why the strategies will change.

Moreover, we also need to take into account the moment of the season we find ourselves in. In other words, we need to count the days until the competition, as well as the individual physical work that has been set by the physical trainers. All these factors will shape the nutrition strategies of each player.

What are the nutritional strategies of a professional basketball team?

First of all, the total calorie intake of these athletes tend to be higher than athletes from other sports. Why? Because of their bigger physical size.

However, it will be quite similar to that of non-sporting population at the beginning.

  • 50-60% of carbohydrates. They need between 6-10g/kg of body weight a day.
  • 15% of protein. Their needs range between 1-2g/kg of body weight a day.
  • 30% of lipids, specially from vegetable sources.

Moreover, they will need enough mineral salts and vitamins as well as a proper hydration.

Free throws

Preseason Sport Supplements

The first thing we do when we meet the players is to make a general assessment at the beginning of the season, the so called preseason (summer).

One of the most important medical studies is the kineanthropometric study. Above all, it will help us determine the body composition and the somatotype of each player.

What does this study determine? Apart from the total body fat, weight and muscle mass, it also determines the proportion of the total weight.

Moreover, it is also important to know who are excessively overweight. In those cases, we will have to plan hypocaloric diets to fix this issue. However, most players tend to take care of themselves during the summer and they arrive in good weight conditions.

Later on, we will make periodic weight checks throughout the season in order to see how they improve in this aspect.

What techniques can we use to measure the performance?

The preseason takes place in the hot weather. Therefore, it is indispensable to know the degree of dehydration of the players. That is why a good hydration is fundamental to achieve the desired objectives.

An easy way to find out is to weigh the players before and after each workout. We also need to know how much liquid they drink through the workout too.

That way, we will know how much sweat they produce during the workout and how much isotonic liquid they need.

Dehydration is one of the main factors that can hinder the performance, which is why we have to drink even if we are not thirsty:

  • Before the workout
  • During the workout: 150-350 cc, every 15-20’.
  • After the workout: 450-675 cc, per 0.5 kg of lost body weight. In addition, it is important to supply mineral salts and carbs, apart from the water of sport drinks. The Movistar Estudiantes, both the team from the ACB and the Liga Femenina 2, uses Evodrink 2.0 by SportSeries.
Important: do not eat foods or drinks from dubious origin or which are not properly packaged to avoid food poisoning.

What supplements do Movistar Estudiantes use during the Preseason?

The preseason tends to last around 6 weeks and the final objective is to be ready for the competition.

The workouts tend to be longer and more intense, some days with double workout sessions. That is why the nutrient requirements increase and we will have to use supplementation, like protein or recovery shakes. HSN has provided just what we need with Evolate 2.0 (Whey Protein Isolate) and Evorecovery (new generation carbohydrate formula + hydrolyzed whey protein).

Movistar Estudiantes drinking HSN Supplements

Moreover, it would be ideal to combine them with creatine, in this case of the best quality: Creatine Excell (100% Creapure) Powder by RawSeries.

The multivitamin Evovits, Omega-3, which is available as Ultra Omega-3 or Omega-3 Fish Oil (EssentialSeries), complete the group of supplements we usually take during this period.

Also, let’s not forget about other important nutrients such as Vitamin D (Vitamin D3 4000IU) or Iron Bisglycinate, (with 25mg of iron per serving), depending on the player.

When do Movistar Estudiantes use these two other HSN supplements?

In the case of iron, women tend to suffer a deficiency of this mineral, since female athletes have higher requirements.

What about vitamin D? Basketball is a sport that is practised in closed spaces. Therefore, the players may not be exposed to sun radiation enough to make sure that they have good levels of this vitamin. Its use becomes specially relevant during the winter and for players with a darker skin tone.

Sport Supplements during the Preseason or Competition

In this period, the objective is to maintain the shape we have worked on during the preseason. However, we still need to keep progressing on the physical, technical and tactical capacities.

The workouts are planned depending on the competition and where it is taking place: WiZink Center/Magariños or as visitor.

Usually, the most intense workouts are done way before the competition. As we get closer, we reduce the physical workload and focus on the tactics.

What HSN supplements do Movistar Estudiantes use during the competition?

Depending on this, we tend to use protein supplements like Evolate 2.0 + Creatine Excell Powder (Creapure) during strength workouts. Then, we use Evorecovery for the recovery.

Also, we need to stay hydrated during the workouts and matches and prevent blood glucose drops. In that case, it is advisable to use isotonic drinks with a good carbohydrate supply and mineral salts during these periods (we use Evodrink 2.0).

During the break, we also use carbohydrate gels. These help to prevent those blood glucose drops. HSN offers Evoenergy by SportSeries, with or without caffeine.

Finally, when the match or workout is over, the objective is to reestablish the homeostatic balance of the body. Therefore, we drink plenty of water, mineral salts and vitamins, carbohydrates and protein. Protein + carbohydrates shakes are quite useful for this.

Another of the HSN supplements that the players from the Movistar Estudiantes use is Evorecovery, which provides all the necessary nutrients. In addition, they also eat Evobars, which are protein bars in order to meet the protein requirements.

To sum up, the nutrition of a basketball player is crucial for their performance, that is why the sport supplements by HSN are quite useful when it comes to achieving the objectives of the Movistar Estudiantes.

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