Vitamin C Cream – UV Protectant, Antioxidant and Skin Regenerator

Vitamin C Cream – UV Protectant, Antioxidant and Skin Regenerator

Apart from the great benefits of taking vitamin C orally, it is also a valuable antioxidant and UV protectant that makes your skin look younger and beautiful.

Vitamin C, antioxidant cell regenerator

The exposure to ultraviolet rays (UV) can damage the skin cells, which triggers a process known as photo-aging. But the exposure to UV radiation is not the only thing that can cause oxidative damage to the cells of the skin. The pollution, a bad diet or daily stress can accelerate some of the chemical reactions in the skin that produce free radicals. Consequently, this reduces the formation of elastic fibers and collagen which are in charge of preserving the elasticity and firmness.

The result of these effects leads to the premature aging of the skin. This process mainly causes wrinkles, lack of hydration, roughness, laxity, irregular coloration and brown patches.

Use Vitamin C Cream

Applying vitamin C on the skin allows it to increase the antioxidants from the skin up to twenty times by neutralizing the harmful effects of the free radicals. Moreover, vitamin C increases the natural synthesis of collagen and stimulates the formation of new cells. This means that it becomes a great supplement to reverse some of the damage caused by sun exposure such as the roughness, laxity, flexibility, thin and thick wrinkles and brown patches. Vitamin C is also quite useful when it comes to reducing the inflammation, erythema and sun burns.

Vitamin C and UV Protection

If we use Vitamin C topically, we will be able to increase the defenses from the skin itself against UV radiation while enhancing the effect of conventional sunscreens.

Vitamin C prolongs the duration of sunscreens and it has an advantage over UV protectants: it is absorbed by the skin so it cannot be removed when we wash it, which is why it accumulates in a big reserve. In this way, it can protect the internal antioxidants which are very sensitive toward sun exposure.

Even though we widely use sunscreens to protect the skin against the damage from the sun, they have a disadvantage: sunscreens usually protect partially against the immunosuppression produced by the ultraviolet radiation and they only block a 55% of the free radicals.

If we want to enhance the protection provided by UV protectors, it is necessary to combine them with a skin antioxidant like vitamin C that neutralizes the chemical reactions that increase the skin damage.

Vitamin C has a powerful UV protective effect on the skin and it has the ability to prevent the free radicals from damaging the tissues, collagen and DNA. Unlike sunscreens which act on the surface, absorbing or repelling the ultraviolet rays (UVR). It is advisable to apply vitamin C before sunbathing (followed by a cream with a sun protection factor). That is why some sunscreens are already adding vitamin C to their ingredients. Its UV protective effect is still present even after being exposed to the sun rays.

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