Linseed and weight loss

Linseed and weight loss

Linseed can be a healthy complement in your diet, since it can lower the cholesterol levels.

In fact, this effect can lower the risk of heart diseases. Moreover, these seeds can help you lose weight.

Linseed contains several nutrients that can stimulate the weight loss processes if we combine it with a low calorie diet.

A spoonful of linseed

Properties of Linseed

High fat content

It helps to lose weight since it is rich in dietary fats.

Dietary fats are high in calories, which results in a feeling of satiety to the point that it can even inhibit the appetite.

Actually, a study showed how high fat diets can help to lose weight while preserving the muscle mass while increasing the fat burning processes.

High fiber content

Another benefit is the fact that it contributes to regulating the cholesterol as well as having a high fiber content.

A 94% is made up of fiber, a nutrient that supports the digestion.

Fiber also provides satiety, which is why taking fiber can help us lose weight.

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Seeds and Oil

Easy absorption

We suggest purchasing ground seeds instead of whole linseed. Ground seeds are smaller and more easily absorbed by the body.

Therefore, it will ensure a better utilization of the nutrients when compared to whole linseed. In fact, your body will be able to use the fiber and fat more effectively than the nutrients from other products.

Low glycemic index

Linseed has a low glycemic index. In other words, it does not trigger sudden changes in the sugar levels. Taking products with a low glycemic index will help us lose weight.

Properties of linseed

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