HSN & 6th JAM International Congress

HSN & 6th JAM International Congress

The first event of 2020! We travel to Valencia to meet the best specialists on recovery and physical readaptation in the International Congress of Readaptation and Injury Prevention in Physical Activity and Sport (6th JAM Congress). The congress celebrates its sixth edition from the 24th to the 26th of January.

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What is the JAM Congress?

The 6th International Congress of Readaptation and Injury Prevention in Physical Activity and Sport is presented to you by JAM Sports. This organization gathers the professionals of the sector, apart from being sponsored by NSCA Spain.

Do you know what they do? They focus on physical exercise and fully prepare athletes while developing new technologies.

Once again, the JAM Congress takes place in the Complex Esportiu-Cultural Petxina in Valencia. There, they gather the best professionals from different sports in order to share the advancements in the field of sport injury prevention.

In HSN, we want to support the work that is being carried on readaptation and injury prevention. That is why we want to take the chance to present supplementation designed for that purpose in the JAM 2020.

Once again, we are the main partners of an event that will gather the best professionals of physical activity and sport for three days.

International Event

One of the objectives of the JAM Congress is to create a new event to gather the best professionals from the sport sector. Debates, talks, practical workshops with a clear objective: reduce the number of injuries and not only in professional sports.

Moreover, the scope of the event has changed in order to welcome international speakers and attendees. Not in vain, Spanish speakers will share their work in Europe, as well as renowned international professionals.

As always, HSN recommends consulting health professionals. That is why we support an international congress like this one that values the collaboration between the different members of the staff: doctors, trainers, coaches, physiotherapists or physical readaptators.

Participation and Practical workshops

During those three days, the JAM 2020 is not going to be only about talks from the best professionals of physical activity and sport. There will be also time to participate and to do practical workshops where you will be able to work with professionals.

Dr José Casaña leads the Scientific Committee of the JAM 2020 and will be in charge of reviewing the work sent by the attendees during the three days.

JAM Congress and HSN

The three best works will be published in the NSCA Spain Journal, a partner of HSN. The work needs to be about the topics related to the organization and the 6th International Congress of Readaptation and Injury Prevention in Physical Activity and Sport.

Do you want to find out who are the professionals that are going to attend the 6th JAM Congress? Click here.

What is HSN doing in the 6th JAM Congress?

HSN will be present from the 24th to the 26th of January in Valencia as an official sponsor of the event. We will not go alone or without ideas… but we do not want to tell you everything now…

The only thing we can tell you is that you should keep on visiting our stand in the Complex Esportiu-Cultural Petxina. There, you will be able to try some of our products and find some surprises that we will share with the attendees of the 6th JAM Congress.

To top it all, those who cannot assist to the event can follow it as if you were there with us thanks to our social media.

Moreover, we will interview the best speakers of the JAM 2020 in order to find out more about their work. In addition, we will ask them some of the questions that you may have regarding the prevention of injuries in sport. Do not miss out!

Do you still not follow us on social media? Well, let me insist… You have to!

Looking back to JAM 2019

This is not our first time. We already attended and officially sponsored the 5th JAM Congress in 2019 with samples of our best products.

You can take a quite look at how HSN did last year…

Did you manage to get your ticket for the 6th JAM International Congress? If so, we will be waiting for you in our stand! 🙂

6th JAM Congress Review

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International Speakers - 100%

HSN, official sponsor - 100%

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HSN Evaluation: 5 /5
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