TV Shows and Documentaries in Digital Platforms during Quarantine

TV Shows and Documentaries in Digital Platforms during Quarantine

We all have to stay home! Even if we have to telework like the HSN and HSN Blog employees, we can spend the rest of our time doing exercise, cooking or enjoying audiovisual content. For this last purpose, we have gathered some tv shows and documentaries during quarantine. Above all, they are about sports, nutrition and healthy lifestyle and they are available in different digital platforms.

Moreover, some platforms have made their services available for free due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Take advantage to find out quality content like TV shows and documentaries during the Quarantine!

TV Shows and Documentaries

What content about sports can you watch during Quarantine?

There is a lot of content about sports in digital platforms such as Netflix or HBO. Depending on your favorite sports, if you are a documentary or TV show person; if you devour content in just a day or you like to enjoy it little by little…

Moreover, you will find TV shows or documentaries about real people where you will see how they live sports, as well as TV shows based on true stories.

Sports Movies

Here you have four long films to choose from:

1. Thunderstruck

An adolescent who loves the NBA Oklahoma City Thunder, manages to become the best player of his team despite being the worst at the beginning. How? By training with one of the best basketball players in the United States: Kevin Durant.

Very entertaining! It is a fun film that you can see with all your family.

*The basketball player and protagonist, Kevin Durant, has informed that he has been infected with COVID-19.
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BREAKING NEWS – Kevin Durant positif dinyatakan mempunyai COVID-19 Virus setelah menjalani tes. Durant memberitahu The Athletic kalau ia merasa baik-baik saja dan tidak memiliki gejala apapun sebelumnya. KD memberikan pesan: "Semuanya berhati-hatilah, jaga diri dengan baik dan karantina diri kalian sendiri. Kita akan melalui ini." – Damn.. Prayers Up For @easymoneysniper 😞🙏 – Tulis pendapat kalian di bawah!👇 – Tags: #NBA #infoNBA #NBAupdates #beritaNBA #nbaindonesia #NBArumors #basketball #bball #ballislife #basketindonesia #athlete #indonesiabasketball #hoopsnation #sports #sportsnews #beritaolahraga #hoops #nbanews # #mainbasket #fansbasket #anakbasket #highlights #kevindurant #coronavirus #kd35 #easymoneysniper #brooklynnets #brooklyngrit

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2. Concrete Football

Movie that pays homage to street football, which is the place where some of the best current French players come from.

It is a little bit shorter than other movies. Entertaining, although this one is not suitable for children.

3. Hands of stone

This film tells the real story about the legendary boxer Roberto Durán. It tells how he needed help from a North-American coach, played by Robert de Niro, in order to get back on track.

Who was Roberto Durán? We do not want to tell much, but he was known as Hands of Stone. In fact, he managed to become the best boxer in the lightweight category of all time.

4. Icarus

Docu-film, Oscar winner in 2017, tells the story of an American amateur cyclist that starts using doping substances to improve his performance.

From then on, he stays in touch with one of the physicians that gives him all the doping substances he needs. In the end, he ends up dismantling one of the most important doping schemes to this date that involved an entire country: Russia.

It lasts quite a while, so we suggest watching it in different parts, like a TV show.

Sports Documentaries

Leaving TV Shows aside, let’s mention some Documentaries that you can watch during Quarantine. These four options are based on true stories and they have become really popular in different digital platforms:

1. Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernández

Documentary that analyzes the life of the American ex-football player Aaron Hernández. Through interviews to colleagues and friends, it tells how the promising player from the NFL committed a crime and spent the rest of his days in prison.

2. Late life. The Chien-Ming Wang story

Chien-Ming Wang was the only Taiwanese player who reach the professional baseball league in the USA. During his career, a serious injury did not let him play for quite a while. This documentary is about how players live one of the worst moments as a professional.

An interesting approach to the reality of sport injuries all over the world. How you can go fall from grace to complete oblivion.

3. Maradona in Sinaloa

The last story of one of the most peculiar figures from the world of football: Diego Armando Maradona, capable of the best inside the football pitch, but also of the worst things outside of it.

His arrival to the second category of Mexican football changes an entire province as Sinaloa.

4. Williams

It is the true story about Sir Frank Williams, F1 ex-pilot who had an accident that almost took his life. His willpower and love for sports helped him move forward, becoming one of the most admired F1 pilots who won so many races in the Gran Circo.

If you like motor sports, do not miss one of the most shocking stories.

Sports TV Shows

TV shows are trending in digital platforms and the world of sports could not miss such an opportunity. Here you have our three suggestions:

1. F1, Drive to Survive

This documentary takes a closer look at the privileged world of Formula 1 and races.

It is actually quite surprising that they have accepted to participate in most of the episodes of this TV show. You will find out aspects that you did not know up until know, even if you are not a huge fan of this sport. Moreover, the second season is available now!

2. QB1: Beyond the Lights

How does a star grow in the USA? Here you have three different ways of seeing how the youngest athletes manage to reach professional leagues.

Definitely a good way to find out more about not such a popular sport in Europe.

3. Sunderland Till I Die

Another of the most popular series that is also based on true events. You will be able to enter a professional club from England, Sunderland, and its fall from grace from the highest category. It almost disappeared due to all the news surrounding the club.

You will be amazed by every chapter. Above all, it shows the reality of a professional football club, always with all the millions and luxury.

Documentaries and TV shows about Nutrition and Lifestyle to see during the Quarantine


In HSN, we believe that sports are also a lifestyle, which is why we also wanted to leave some documentaries to learn more about different lifestyles and nutrition.

This ones will definitely make you think and even change some habits!

1. Desert Runners

Learn how four people who live a normal life dare to face one of the hardest trials in the world of running: 4 complete deserts. In other words, 250 kilometers of desert.

What could be the reason to set off on such adventure?

2. The Magic Pill

Find out what could be the value of the Ketogenic Diet in society. Hear the opinions of doctors, nutritionists and other specialists.

Would you like to learn more about this lifestyle? Then, read our post by clicking this link.

3. GMO

One of our daily worries. Where does this product come from? In this documentary, Jeremy Seifert travels with his family to discover what we eat and if it is really the best for our health.

4. Fed Up

We are witnessing how childhood obesity is constantly increasing. A group of North-American journalists decide to start investigating what is behind the so called “light” and “natural” products.

That way, they debunk some of the myths about nutrition. Moreover, the report also busts some of the arguments that blame citizens due to the increase in obesity and other diseases like diabetes.

What to see when you do exercise

Because right now, we have to do exercise at home.

You are lucky if you have a bicycle or treadmill at home to do some exercise.

The rest of us are staying in shape with the daily workout routine by Alfredo Valdés that you can find in this specific post. You do not know what we are talking about? It is not too late to start, click here!

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