Gamers launch their own eSports Leagues to pass the Quarantine

Gamers launch their own eSports Leagues to pass the Quarantine

Having to stay home during the quarantine due to the risk of spreading the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has resulted in the creation of eSports Leagues by Gamers.

The growth of this new sport modality has been fostering a feeling of togetherness these days by launching different charity tournaments. In fact, these events are producing the same expectation as big sport leagues that have been cancelled.

LaLiga Charity Football Tournament

The previous tweet was the start of a current that reached its highest peak last weekend.

Sergio Reguilón (Sevilla FC) and Borja Iglesias (Real Betis) played from their own homes the derbi sevillano of LaLiga which was cancelled due to COVID-19. The match gathered more than 60 000 viewers online, more than the ones that could have fit in the real stadium.

From there, the renowned caster Ibai Llanos proposed a competition between the 20 teams of the Liga Santander. Specially now since most professional football players had to stay home for their own safety.

In less than 24 hours and supported by LaLiga itself, they organized a charity tournament (LaLiga Santander Challenge) which gathered thousands of followers last Friday.

Football pitch

Qualifying matches

Caster Llanos recognized that some clubs had to do some qualifying matches before the final phase.

For example, that was the case of Real Madrid, played by Marco Asensio after defeating Carvajal and Courtois in the previous classification.

The full list of players who participated in last week’s tournament was:

*You can consult the remaining 20 participants in this thread.

Real Madrid, winner

The tournament took place on Thursday evening and it was broadcasted not only on Twitch, but also on Movistar + Sports.

The first platform gathered more than 70 000 viewers who followed the team selection from a cooking pot. That is right, everything was a hundred per cent home-made!


The three following days until Sunday managed to gather more than 100 000 viewers on average. Moreover, the competition raised a total of 180 000 euros from donations even before the last day of tournament.

Marco Asensio played with the Real Madrid FC and won the tournament. He destroyed the Granada FC, Villarreal, Eibar and Leganés. The last one played on the final against Asensio.

The casters of the tournament, apart from Ibai Llanos, were the usual narrators of football matches in Spain: Miguel Ángel Román, José Sanchis and Danae Boronat (Movistar+), as well as Rubén Martín and Manolo Lama (Cadena Cope). Evidently, every single one of them contributed from their respective homes.

Other eSports Leagues during Quarantine with less repercussion

The Cádiz FC was one of the first football teams that wanted to make a difference through video games and social media.

View this post on Instagram

IDA de la FINAL.

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Consequently, the leader of the SmatBank League gathered thousands of followers to see how the team played a FIFA20 tournament.

The actual players had to be fighting to reach the First Division on the football pitch. However, it has not been possible due to the Coronavirus and consequent Quarantine.

After that, the team is planning to organize a similar tournament next weekend but with second category teams this time. The name of this tournament will be Carranza in honor of the summer tournament of the same name.

Mambo Cup

Like the previous eSports Leagues during Quarantine, the Mambo Cup #FIFACONTRACOVID19 gathered gamers for a good cause: raise money for those affected by COVID-19.


FIFA20 and an online tournament was the reason why some renowned footballers played some online matches. For example, players like Carvajal, Facu Campazzo or Nico Laprovittola (both Real Madrid Basketball players) as well as renowned national and international gamers.

Formula One simulates cancelled races

The last sport that has joined the eSports Leagues during Quarantine has been the renowned and luxurious F1.

In fact, we enjoyed the Bahrain GP last Sunday, although it was shorter than the real one (28 laps). This race was meant to take place on March 22 but it was cancelled.

F1 video game

We will be able to enjoy all the GP that have been cancelled or postponed in the F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix. They will use the simulator of the F1 2019 from the PS4.

Who will drive the cars? Some will be real pilots. In fact, the winner of the Bahrain GP was Zhou, Renault’s test driver.

Let’s take a look back to some of the best moments of the Bahrain GP from the F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix:

Online Cycling eSports Leagues during Quarantine

But there is not only football or FIFA20, other sports have taken the chance to make the quarantine as pleasant and entertaining as possible.

That way, cycling has joined the party with the Bkoolers Stay Home Cup. So cyclists will be able to compete even against professionals and in some of the most renowned trials from the PRO calendar.

You will only need a bicycle trainer (which you can connect to interactive platforms), as well as a bike and a good physical shape. You will have to complete the stages of the international trials that have been suspended due to the COVID-19.

In the end, you will enter a classification and you may even win a series of prizes if you manage to be one of the best. Moreover, you will not have to do all the races at the same time, since there will be classifications per day and race.

As you may already know, HSN has also come up with a daily workout routine during the quarantine. You do not know what we are talking about? Alfredo Valdés tells you everything you need to know in his post, which is updated every day.

This means that, if you love cycling, you will be able to stay in shape with this tool while staying home!

Do you want to learn more about the best supplements for cyclists? Here you have a complete post with all the information.

In HSN, we stand with all these initiatives in order to support those that have been affected by the COVID-19. Moreover, we strongly suggest following a healthy diet as well as to do exercise at home in order to stay as healthy as we can.

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