Keto Bulking Workout – 6th Week

Keto Bulking Workout – 6th Week

Let’s continue with the 6th Week of the Keto Bulking Workout. Our challenge is to gain muscle mass while following a diet that is high in fat and low in carbs. 

5th Week Review

We keep moving towards muscle gains (according to our possibilities). This week, I have felt particularly good specially in terms of the diet, since it has been very easy to follow the diet.

But unfortunately, I will have to change the workout routine now that I have started to work in Bilbao. I am far away from the gyms I tend to go to. That is why I have decided to go to the Deusto CrossFit Box in order to maintain the intensity. I will be working on a hospital for 2-3 months, and the box is just next to my workplace. Moreover, they open at 6:30 in the morning, which is ideal if you want to combine weightlifting and paddle. Therefore, my routine will be pure CrossFit WODs with a touch of classic full body.

Although I will possibly have to do Open Box sessions. Then, I will focus on the basics (squats, deadlift, pull ups, row and press).

Weight change

I have not done as much paddle, so I have gained a little bit of weight. However, I think I will have to adjust the diet due to the intense CrossFit sessions.

This week, I have already passed the 81Kg (I have gained 700g). At the end of this mesocycle, I will consider doing a 3 day fasting as a pathological treatment and minicut. This week, I will not readjust and I will keep going with the Hypercaloric diet (115% / 3.300-3.400 kcal. Moreover, there will be some days (negative balance) of normocaloric diet (100%, 2.900-3.000kcal).

In addition, I have removed the fasting, since bringing food to work stresses me mentally and I end up eating sooner than I should.


This week has been quite stable, I have not had more than 150 any day.

But I am taking between 10-20 units of basal insulin every day. The amount actually depends on the glucose value at night, since I noticed that I had uncontrolled positive peaks with the hypercaloric diet. All in all, diabetes is disease that is difficult to control during a bulking phase.

Perhaps I should lower the amount of protein. But for now, I do not mind using insulin once a day, the important thing is to have everything under control when I go back to my normo or hypercaloric diet. That way, I will not have to use basal insulin again, but we will see.

Keto Bulking 6th Week Routine

Like I previously said, we will change the plan and do 2 days of CrossFit and 2 days of Full Body.

Also, I think the level of intensity is going to increase a lot, since I am not used to doing WODs. Also, my cardiovascular system is not completely on point. Without further ado, let’s jump into next week: Workout Information

6th Week Diet

This is the diet I am going to follow this week:

Wanna join me?

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