Habits That Age You and How to Fight Them

Habits That Age You and How to Fight Them

In this article we talk about the habits that make us age prematurely and how to fight them.

For as long as time, man has struggled to overcome death and to not grow old.

No one has ever managed to reverse the absolute truth that we are mortal beings. However, we have been able to create mechanisms to avoid ageing prematurely.

To delay ageing not everything depends on treatments and aesthetic operations, we must introduce into our lives, healthy practices that cleanse the body of toxins and cleanse it of everything that can disrupt its functioning.

There is a very wise belief in Eastern culture: “the body is a temple”.

And this wise phrase should guide our lives, because ageing with dignity is not a question of vanity, it is more of a health issue.

Now we must know what we do wrong, because sometimes we are unaware how certain practices harm the body.

But why does premature ageing occur?

It is completely natural when the biological cycle begins the decline of cellular functioning, with which the individual begins the transition to old age.

But if this process is brought forward to an earlier age, it is considered a problem, because the signs of ageing do not match the metabolic age.

The issue is not simply getting old, because this means that you are still alive and celebrating birthdays, but knowing that as time goes by we must take more care to have a good quality of life.

What are telomeres?

This has to do with the production of the so-called telomeres, regions of DNA linked to ageing.

The telomere is the end of chromosomes, its function includes cell division and life cycle of cell strains, meaning that it plays a important role in cell integrity, the fundamental organism that maintains a healthy body and skin.

In this post we will address the factors that negatively influence the organism, causing serious damage to cells and tissues and causing it to age prematurely.

Don’t fall into these habits!

Sedentary Lifestyle

Unfortunately, today’s lifestyle leads to a sedentary routine.

Teleworking, spending more than 8 hours in an office sitting down and then coming home to throw ourselves onto the bed to check social media or watch TV, takes hours of physical activity away.

Experts have indicated that exercise oxygenates the cell and helps it to remain vital and active, without deteriorating.

This achieves a healthy organism.


Exercising one hour a day , is an excellent way to keep fit and young.

Have you ever wondered why people don’t exercise? Here Let’s answer that.


The cigarette has innumerable negative effects on the organism and is of course a factor that directly affects premature ageing, particularly of our skin.

In addition to causing cancer, emphysema and countless lung diseases, smoking is particularly harmful as cigarettes contain free radicals, which cause opacity in the skin, giving it a withered appearance.

It also decreases the antioxidant capacity of the blood by 50%, which encourages the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

Cigarette smoke contains 2 trillion free radicals that negatively affect the dermis and is a damage that can be compared to that produced by ultraviolet rays from the sun, which is irreversible.

Smoke bad habit

It kills billions of cells.

Here are some tips to help you stop smoking in this article.

Drinking Alcohol

The excessive consumption of alcohol over a long duration of time can cause the appearance of wrinkles, low elasticity, expression lines, dryness, spots and bags under the eyes.

This is to mention only a few effects of one of the habits that age our skin.

Alcoholic beverages have the characteristic of being diuretic, which causes you to urinate too much, which tends to dehydrate, and this directly affects our dermis because the production of collagen and elastin is affected.

It’s not that you can’t have a drink socially, but you should avoid its over-consumption. This way, medium and long-term deterioration can be avoided.

By controlling or restricting their consumption a little, the production processes of collagen and elastin are reactivated, regenerating the skin.


Do you want to know how Alcohol affects the Body? Click here.

Poor Nutrition

If we eat badly, with increased consumption of trans fats, spice, salt, sugar, fast food and fried food, there is no doubt that our body will develop diseases like diabetes, cardiac illnesses, obesity, along with provoking premature ageing of the tissues.

There are certain foods that we must stop consuming if we want the skin not to lose elasticity and be smooth.

Hydrogenated Fats

The idea is not to completely eliminate them from the diet, but to consume them in moderation. Eating a lot of fat can generate free radicals and oxidation, which directly affects our dermis.

Deli Meats

They are other foods that we must consume in moderation. Among the damage they can cause are tissue damage, oxidation, can clog the arteries, and raise cholesterol.


Salt content, this factor may cause fluid retention, decrease in elastin, etc.



We know how delicious it is to have a nice cup of coffee in the morning, but like everything else, if we take more than 4 cups daily it can cause dehydration and ageing.

Fizzy drinks

It is well known the negative effect of drinking many soft drinks because they are basically sugar, plus caffeine and phosphoric acid.

Saturated Fats

They should be limited in diet because they inflame the abdomen, accumulate fats in certain parts of the body, promote obesity.

Food that combat ageing

The list may be endless, but we will mention the most beneficial ones for your skin.

  • Legumes: have a large amount of fibre, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Vegetables: are an inexhaustible source of antioxidants, vitamins A, C, K and E and minerals, prevent cholesterol, lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease…
  • Garlic: lowers cholesterol, protects the immune system, is antibacterial, antiviral and helps fight cancer cells.
  • Avocado: is a source of vitamin E, potassium, is antioxidant, lowers cholesterol and regenerates the skin.


What you can do to combat ageing?

Keep the stress at bay

This is one of the other factors that we have to keep under control, because being subjected for a long time to constant tension, whether for work, family, partner or economic problems, is one of the causes of premature ageing.
Simply being worried, changes facial expressions, gives us wrinkles and lines of expression.


The ideal is to let go of everything you can’t change.

We have compiled the best best supplements to combat stress and anxiety. Visit this link.

Avoid sunbathing without protection

One of the most harmful factors for the health of the skin, are the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

If someone is exposed for a long time to these rays without protection, they could suffer devastating consequences. The first damage would be the dehydration of the dermis.

Sun exposure it ages you

These rays beam directly into the skin, stealing water from pores and drying it out.

If corrective measures are not applied in time and you insist on exposure to UVA, melanomas, spots and tumours may appear, which can become carcinogenic.

It is essential – if you have an outdoor exercise routine, if you frequent the beach or pool – to use sunscreen above SPF50 and if it’s anti-ageing, even better.
It is also advisable to drink 2 to 4 litres of water daily.

However, controlled exposure to the sun holds the following benefits following benefits.

Good sleep

One of the habits that make us age prematurely is not enough sleep 7-8 hours is recommended so that the body can recover energy and regenerate cells.

Unfortunately, today’s lifestyle disturbs our sleep cycles because we don’t know how to get rid of worries, back tasks or check social networks when it comes to going to bed. Unfortunately the current lifestyle disturbs our sleep cycles because we don’t know how to get rid of worries, to stop thinking about work that needs done or avoid checking social networks before going to bed.

This latter fact has been proven to be one of the main causes of sleep and rest interruption.

Blue screen

Experts recommend amongst other things: not to use mobiles, computers or any other tools to access social networks at least two hours before bed.

Without a doubt, if there is a natural aid that can encourage sleep, it is Melatonin. We will tell you all of its benefits in this post.

Relaxing our mind before going to bed

is fundamental to falling asleep. For this, practicing some breathing or yoga exercises can work well.


Lying down in a quiet, airy, dark environment will help you drift into Morfeo’s arms.

It may be a good time to start performing Meditation. We tell you what you can get with this practice.

If you follow these tips, you’ll have sweet dreams and rise with a more renewed and fresh body.


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