10 Steps to Start Living in a Healthy Way

10 Steps to Start Living in a Healthy Way

Even if it seems impossible, if you haven’t figured out how to do it yet, we show you the path to Start Living In a Healthy Way!

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it;
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

…it’s all about starting…

As a society, we have a lot of attachment to the concept of health. We want to be healthy. Living well for many years. We have it in mind and it is one of our objectives.
But we are hypocritical and victims at the same time.

Hypocritical for behaviour that diverges greatly from our “pursuit of health.” Victims for being exposed to an environment that makes this pursuit very difficult.

Today we are going to outline 10 concrete and practical actions to take today to start living in a healthy way

1. Begin

Goethe’s quote carries a lot of power within it

You won’t feel ready. It’s never going to be the right time. There will always be an injury, financial problems, a crying child or an enslaving job.

That’s our brain. That’s how we are as humans. We justify the unjustifiable.

That inner strength that prevents you from doing what you have to do to improve your life is called, in the words of the author Steven Pressfield, Resistance. That resistance can hold you back for your whole life. That Resistance can ruin you, literally.

The Resistance will tell you lies like “You can always start tomorrow”, “Now we don’t have money to pay for a gym”, “Aren’t you a little ashamed to go for a walk when you have things to do.”

Sadness depression

The problem is that most people believe that voice. And that’s where the problems begin…

You know, start. You feel the way you feel. Start today. Start now. Everything else doesn’t matter. The result doesn’t matter now. Just get started. And see what happens

2. Eliminate everything that has more than 5 ingredients

Processing and mankind have turned food into an unhealthy choice.

Or at least a fairly secondary option. We’re not asking you to read all the ingredients.

Food energy sports training

Just do a quick count. 5 or more? Out of the cart…

It will surprise you which foods are included in this category and that only add illness to your life

3. Keep sports in sight

Be the opposite of the Resistance

Be a facilitator. Help yourself.

Leave your trainers and sports bag where you can see them. Cut the fruit and leave it in the refrigerator to have it ready. Radically remove any pastries, cookies or sausages from your shelf.

Sports mother

This is an act of self-love. It’s the same thing your mother and father did when they looked after you…

They looked out for you. They were looking out for the best for you. Only now… you have to do it!

4. Call your healthiest friends

Your friends’ BMI is directly related to your BMI

Their habits are intermingled with your own. We are social beings. Our mirror neurones do not rest. We mimic behaviours.

If your friends like to go for beers at 7 in the evening on a Wednesday, you’ll like to do the same thing most likely. Or at least you will see it as a better option than going to the gym alone or doing a circuit on the beach.

So if you’re looking to start living healthy, it’s time to make new friends.

Mothers day

Yes, like the child who changes school and encounters unknown faces

Find friends whose behaviour is what you want to implement in your life. Join “The teachers’ pets”

5. Find a tribe

Precisely because we are social beings, the group as a social element has great power in changing your habits

That collective class, that group of gym “Bros”, that “circuit training” on the beach or simply that hiker route retain a lot of power. Without realising it, the group pulls you in.

Supportive comments. The feeling of not failing. The competitiveness inherent in our species. “Not being the discordant voice.”


All these forces pull you. They’re driving you to keep going.

And what we want are forces that drive us to keep going and that drive us away from throwing in the towel. Find your tribe!

6. Take responsibility for your health, even if you are not completely responsible for it

The truth is, you’re not completely responsible for your health

Your economy, the politics of the country where you live, the pollution of your city, the luck you have had in life, your relationships and your circumstances all greatly affect the decisions you make. To start living healthy, you need to know that:

Even if you think your decisions are born of maximum freedom, it’s not like that. But do you know what?

It doesn’t matter.

Behave exactly as if what I had said was a lie. Behave as if 100% of your health depends on you. Take responsibility. Find answers to your health problems. Act. Read. Study. Analyse. Investigate. Reconnect. Participate in your body and your life.


Taking the reins, becoming responsible, also holds great power… 

What you cannot control should be ignored. You must relegate it to a corner of your mind, marginalise it and let it rot. May all those actions that are in your control, flourish

7.Take a walk through the Cardiology or Oncology Floor

Life is wonderful and sacred

Death makes life meaningful. But premature and avoidable death is always a drama.

Today we know that most heart diseases, including neoplasms, are preventable with lifestyle changes. So, a walk around the hospital from time to time is a “humbleness inducer” task.

You know? When a terminal diagnosis is presented and people see the end of their stage in this world, there are two things that usually haunt the mind:

  • The first, what they shouldn’t have done: the mistakes made, the wrong directions, the misguided words, the relationships spoiled.
  • And the second, and most important, what they should have done and never did.


Your mission while your health lasts is to ensure that, at that time, there are as few items as possible in the second category.

And of course, the “taking care of” section is not included in it

8. Learn to normalise the healthy and “stigmatise” the insane

We live in a society that stigmatises the healthy

“…you’re in the gym all day…”, “…you’re obsessed…”, “…you eat like a rabbit…”

And normalises the insane

“…beer is good for your health…”, “…but a couple of glasses won’t hurt…”

  • What if we do the opposite?
  • And if little by little, step by step, we see with worse eyes what is shown and openly insane and we are progressively creating a pro-health culture?
  • What if we employ the same industry tactics used to normalise insane products, but vice versa?
  • What if we are less committed to eating trash, sitting on the couch lying all afternoon or sleeping 5 hours to play Call of Duty?

9. Don’t listen to what the media says

The media generates a lot of confusion

This is because the media is a product in itself. That post of that newspaper is a product. That television program is a product. That news is a product. And they want to sell themselves. Selling means capturing your attention. That you consume them.

And to do this, they have to be attractive to the eye and to all the senses.

  • That is why you see so many headlines like “What will happen if you eat Maracuya at 5 in the morning for 30 days”.
  • This automatically triggers a series of answers in your thinking: “What will happen? Will this be the answer I’m looking for?”.


And you take interest. And you pay attention. And you listen. And you add a little bit of confusion to the already difficult health terrain…

Don’t do it. Don’t listen to the noise. Listen to the signal

10. 15 squats before each main meal

It’s not a lot, right?

It can be 15 squats, 10 push-ups or just climb the stairs to your floor. The point is that you must create rituals (an esoteric way of saying “habits”) that benefit you.

The healthy person is healthy not because of their superhuman and military willpower. NO. It’s because they operate with pre-installed programs of habits, a powerful software that makes it so that at 7 p.m., every evening of your damn life, a light turns on in your head that mysteriously makes you rise from your work chair, study or reading and tells you:

“…Oi Juan, we have to get going…”

This little voice comes from somewhere else. It comes from a pre-determined and hard-to-break synaptic wiring.

It’s a habit.


And it is powerful

The gesture becomes ritual. Ritual becomes habit. And a habit can change your life

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