Lockdown Easing as Motivation to Take Up Sport

Lockdown Easing as Motivation to Take Up Sport

Any time is a good time to take up a sport, and with the easing of lockdown measures people are at a turning point on deciding whether or not to take their first steps.

The temporary situation generated by the spread of COVID-19 has given people the opportunity to use this period of lockdown easing to take up a sport.

As you’ll know, the easing of lockdown in Spain, the “transition to the New Normal”, started last May and ended recently, on June 21.

During the four phases, carried out in an asymmetric and gradual way by each region throughout Spain, a difference was established between professional and non-professional sports.


The latter could be carried out from phase 0: physical activities in the open air, without physical contact, and respecting the established distances.

Visit this link to learn more about the limitations of each phase.

As the two-week period corresponding to each phase successfully passed, measures were gradually eased until reaching phase 3, when distances were finally removed and it became possible to practice outdoor sports in groups of up to 20 people.

In addition, gyms were allowed to open in this third phase, as well as swimming pools, individual sports, and, generally, anything that can be done by a maximum of two people.

Always without physical contact, maintaining the proper safety and protection measures, and keeping a safe social distance of two meters.

How to take advantage of this moment to start playing sport

Lockdown restrictions are gradually eased because of the need to maintain prevention measures to avoid the spread of the virus.

A rewarding way to take advantage of the free time we have is to commit ourselves to taking up a sport and gradually enter into the world of physical exercise, with all the benefits and fulfilment this can bring.

By practicing sport, we energise our body and prepare ourselves mentally for a full and healthy life.

It’s all about our attitude and will to organise ourselves to achieve it.

Benefits of taking up a sport

Better overall fitness

Depending on the rhythm and activity we carry out, we’ll keep in good shape, and help prevent cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and diabetes, amongst others.

Sport improve physical condition

Slimming and losing weight

This requires a combination of appropriate diet and daily physical activity.

Depending on the degree of excess weight, we should aim to carry out specific exercises, progressively, and constantly.

Reduces the risk of injury

Exercise allows us to build greater strength and flexibility, proper muscle tone, better coordination, and good postural habits.

Sport reduces injuries

In this way, ailments and injuries in our daily lives are prevented.

It releases endorphins, the so-called “happiness hormones”

Levels of this hormone are increased when practicing sport, generating a feeling of well-being that helps us keep active and equips us with a positive attitude for tackling our day-to-day.

To attain these benefits, and many more derived from the sport, you only have to set out between 30 and 45 minutes a day of your time to carry it out. And little by little, you’ll be able to increase duration and carry out more complicated training.

Sport as a remedy for the anxiety you’re feeling now

In particular, having had to spend a long period of time locked up at home as a result of the pandemic, we’ve been easy prey to anxiety and panic, in addition to the stress produced by the alarming daily news.

This is on top of our typically sedentary lifestyle

All this creates physical and emotional imbalances, which, if we do not take adequate measures, can leave us with serious consequences that put our health at risk.

Sport anxiety

A timely, stimulating and effective solution for the times we’re living through is to take up a sport, as it’s certain to provide a positive balance to our mood and body.

At this link we’ve already explored several remedies to control anxiety during quarantine.

Which sport to take up?

Play sport

The first thing you should do is ask yourself the following question: what results do I hope to achieve by practicing a sport?

Clear your mind

If you want to improve your mental well-being and get away from so much toxic information: ride your bike for around 30 minutes a day.

Jog or run listening to your favourite music, or try the world of yoga, either from the comfort of your own home or outdoors.

Get in shape

If you’re looking to get in good shape, you could start with activities, 3 days a week, that allow you to work your whole body, raise your pulse, and lower your cortisol levels.

Activities such as Zumba, which encourages you to dance, or HIT, which consists of high-intensity exercise in intervals of time, are excellent.

Functional training

Burning calories

For people who were active before the pandemic but couldn’t move throughout confinement, try functional training, where certain metabolic routines will help you burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time.

Additionally, functional exercise group classes and bootcamps will help you lose fat, have fun and clear your mind all day long.

To socialise

The majority of gyms, where you can play tennis, badminton and padel, are now open.


Ther eare a whole host of activities that you can do individually or in groups in addition to the possibilities we’ve pointed out, but remember to follow the recommendations for gym use we propose in this other article.

To be in contact with Nature

As it’s summer, you can also practice water sports like paddle surfing, kayaking, etc. And if you want to move faster, you can skate or skateboard.

Hiking is also a good option to exercise while enjoying nature.


Taichi, which combines the physical and the spiritual, is similar to Yoga and ideal to practice in small groups and in open spaces like parks and gardens. 

For those staying inside

Additionaly, with today’s technological advances it’s possible to practice sport at home through zoom tutorials or other audio-visual media, which many of us professionals have offered during the pandemic.

Still haven’t home training without equipment routine? Now’s your time – get training! Click here.


Start… now!

Take advantage of this time by taking up the sport that gives you the most satisfaction, and progressively improve your performance.

No excuses, incorporating sport into your daily routine will boost your energy while helping you relax, bringing joy and well-being.

You’ll see how your body thanks you!


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