Home Workout with Children during Quarantine

Home Workout with Children during Quarantine

It has been more than 10 days since we started the quarantine period due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Many of you will probably be spending the quarantine with your children. They will probably have a lot of leisure time right now after doing their homework and playing. Precisely, in order to complement this last activity, we can do some physical exercise with them. Here you have a home workout with children that you can do with them during the quarantine.

Children playing together

Many specialists talk about how playing with children could be considered part of their daily physical activity.

Our colleague Alfredo Valdés is working every day on a post with a more complete workout routine during the quarantine (read more).

Regardless of your level, it could be a good way of staying in shape now that the gym is closed and we cannot go out.

However, in HSN, we also want to give you a few tips so that you will be able to do exercise, play and entertain your children. Now that they are not able to go out and play with other children, we need to become their best friends.

Moreover, it is also a good opportunity to introduce them to the world of sports (if they barely do it). Or maybe, they will start looking at things with a new perspective.

So do not worry, in this post, we are going to give you a complete exercise chart so that your children will also be able to train at home 😉

Time to study, read, play and do exercise

You probably have to telework during the quarantine, but we have to take this as an opportunity. Now we can use some of our spare time with our family and especially our children.

That is why, we suggest you help your children with the homework they are getting from digital platforms. Because it is important to have a routine, not only for the smallest members of the family, but also for you.

The ideal thing would be to plan a weekly timetable, or at least plan our day ahead. Leave some time to study, work, read, play and sports.

Coloring games for children

In addition, try to create a study or work routine for your children while you telework. We all need to have our own responsibilities.

You can consult some of the methods recommended by Borja Bandera to get through quarantine in one of his posts. Click here.

Exercise should be like a Game

Above all, this will depend on the age of your children. If they are almost adolescents you will probably have to adapt your own routine to a beginner routine. That is why we suggest checking out our HSN Blog.

However, if your children are still very young, you should try to catch their attention with some games. Because games are going to become their daily exercise.

Girl doing sit-ups

Teach basic exercises to your children, it is a good way of introducing them to the fascinating world of sports.

On Twitter, there was a trend during the first days of confinement due to the COVID-19. It basically involved a series of games that involved physical exercise for children. The account @Silveready has been leaving game/exercise routines to entertain their children and do exercise with them, just like we do for adults.

Here you have an example of said routine. You can check out the Twitter profile and access the daily routines. They are full of games for the smallest members of the family!

Use of new technologies

Since there is time for everything, we can use the new technologies and teach our children how to use them.

In fact, they will probably have to do their homework through the net. However, it is always important to give them a sense of responsibility, so that they will use them to work.

Moreover, they can help us entertain and play with them, sports can become a resource against the confinement. Youtube or different apps for children contains tons of games and music in order to come up with activities like dancing. What better way to do some cardio?

Video call

Technology can also help your children socialize in a controlled way with their classmates or friends.

Do you want some more ideas even though they are not sport? Watching cartoons in other languages like English, something that we barely do ourselves due to lack of time. Well, now you have more time than ever and you can spend some time with your children to learn a new language.

Playing videogames

Can children play video games? Of course, but it would be a good idea to set a time, because we are not on holiday and we also need to do other activities.

Even the youngest members can also find out new activities during the confinement…

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Cooking as entertainment

Cooking dinner or making a delicious and nutritious snack can also be a great way of entertaining our children.

What? You do not know what could you cook with them? Do not worry, the HSN Blog has many options such as:

Staying home is obviously going to affect our level of physical activity. In HSN, we are trying to give you some interesting alternatives with this post so that everyone will stay as active as possible.

Because we are fighting Coronavirus together, from home.

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