10 Tips for Facing 2021

10 Tips for Facing 2021

We all know 2020 hasn’t been the kindest of years, so we’ve got 10 tips for facing 2021 in the best way possible.

2020 was characterised by uncertainty, worries, destabilisation and many levels of panic.

While this nightmare continues to affect countries across the world in significant waves, mainly in Europe, the United States and many Latin American nations, it feels like a real-life a horror story.

The truth is that with scientific advances and the so-called “new normal”, the capacity of human beings to adapt allows us to carry on, although the bombardment of macabre takes on the situation on the web, created by people who have dedicated themselves exclusively to this, certainly has an affect.

The whole world is waiting for the emergence of a conclusive vaccine to help prevent the infection and death of people from a virus that, to top it all off, has been mutating.

Meanwhile, the virtual world has become an alternative way of working and studying, although in many countries there’s still an insistence on strict confinement measures, which significantly affects psychological behaviour, especially of young people.

The outlook isn’t straightforward, 2020 is over and scientific as well as medical advances continue to be extensive and relentless. That’s why we need to prepare for facing 2021, and that’s precisely the intention of this article.

1. Go for it – choose to work on yourself

Working on yourself should be a priority to get you back on your feet in the coming year.

When we talk about dedicating yourself to who and what you are, we’re talking about meditating, reflecting and reinventing your new direction.

As you know, job losses in a significant number of countries have been a result of the pandemic, and this has led to a loss of self-esteem and despair for those affected.

Rediscover yourself - tips for facing 2021

One important thing to remember is that you can rediscover yourself: the world hasn’t ended.

Maybe the sector you work in is still suffering from the drop in sales from the health measures that were implemented with force in 2020.

Think about your strengths – you probably have knowledge that you’ve little or never explored before that you can use in a new work environment, and from which you can earn an income.

Now is the time to do it. Go for it – do something for you!

2. Verify your information about the Pandemic

As mentioned above, there is a lot of false information about on social media, creating worry that worsens people’s perception of what is happening with the virus, its impact and symptoms.

Don’t panic before you need to, seek opinions from medical specialists who’ll provide you with data on what is really happening and what you should do.

3. The mask is not a gag made to stop you breathing

News videos from several countries showed that in 2020 a significant percentage of the population protested without masks as a way of reacting to what was seen as almost a gag.

We’ve got some bad news: we’re going to need masks for a long time, and we should use them as one of the main protectors preventing us from catching the virus from someone who openly coughs or sneezes, or from someone who has contracted the virus but is asymptomatic.

So stop being a rebel and wear your mask.


Nowadays there are some beautiful masks available, meaning you can both protect and be on trend.

That said, it is true that prolonged use of a mask can result in some problems, such as “maskne”. We tell you how to avoid or reduce it in this link.

4. Be resilient: adapt

Resilience is a skill that we all have within us, to a lesser or greater degree, and we can adapt to adverse situations positively.

And while everyone has different levels of resilience, we can work on it to improve our immediate and medium-term future, and be prepared for facing 2021 or any obstacle that comes in our way!

You can turn this situation into a great learning experience for everyone, because in times like these you really can transform your reality into something that benefits you, which is a brilliant quality

6 Ways to be More Resilient! Click here to read about them.

5. Don’t isolate yourself

In reality, we don’t know what’s going to happen in the coming year.

But everything points to the fact that humanity will do its best, based on the “new normal”, to continue working and studying.

With everything that’s happened recently, it’s easy to become isolated if we don’t make the effort to communicate frequently with family and friends.

Sharing jokes, drawing up challenges with family or friends as to who can make the best food, the most appetising cake, etc., are all great tools for facing 2021, and we should use them if there are new outbreaks of the virus that cause us to take shelter at home again.

6. Exercise

As is well known, exercise not only tones your muscles, but also generates endorphins, the so-called happiness hormone, so it improves your mood and helps you focus on your goals.

Try it and you’ll see, you’ll feel better.

Excercise at home

Be disciplined and any space in your home can become a place for you and your daily exercise routines.

On the blog you’ll find the best routines, both for training at home and at the gym.

7. Stay positive

If you need to keep on working and studying from home in 2021, focus on keeping positive.

If you need to, write a powerful affirmation every day and make a list of what you’ll do that day to see how many goals you meet.

8. Manifest the love you feel for yourself

This is what happens when you force yourself to get dressed.

Always be ready for action, you and people around you will feel better for it.

Don’t give in to the temptation of wearing pyjamas all day.

Even if days go by when you don’t leave the house, break the routine, get dressed, fix yourself up a bit, it’ll affect your mood positively.

9. Make an effort: cook for the good of your health

Although we don’t know if we’ll be back on the street or stuck at home in 2021, make an effort to learn how to cook well for you, your partner, your children or anyone in your family.

Cook for the good of your health

Consider a burger, for example, as a prize for keeping the house in order.

This can be a good time to improve your cooking habits and not resort to ordering excessive junk food online.

10. Work on your confidence every day

Never forget how important it is to keep your confidence and your capabilities up. This will be the key for facing 2021.

Look after yourself and remember how important you are to you and your family. With positive messages for you and each member of your family, you’ll strengthen your home and help them cope with adversity.

What are your best resources, tips and ideas for overcoming the situation we find ourselves in? How are you going to face 2021? Share it with us!


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