How to avoid weight gain during Christmas?

How to avoid weight gain during Christmas?

Christmas, one of the most important festivities of the entire year, is drawing near! We want to help you start the new year feeling lighter. Although many have good resolutions for the coming year, it does not mean that we should finish the present one in any way. Write down the following tips to avoid weight gain during Christmas.

It is a time of celebrations: work, family, friends. This ends up becoming in eating a lot and barely doing exercise, which is an awful combination…

We are going to review some basic tips to control the Christmas holidays and avoid gaining weight as much as possible.

1. Do not give up

Everyone knows this is the season of having many celebrations in a very short period of time. In fact, this is what makes it so difficult to follow a specific routine in terms of meals and nutrition.

Without any doubt, you will have to make a bigger effort, but this is a choice that only you can make.

Evidently, giving up at the beginning is not a good strategy and starting after the holidays are over is no justification either…

Copious meal

Enjoy the meals and rest, but do not let that be an excuse to mess up the rest of the meals

For example, if you are celebrating Christmas with your family and you eat more than usual, try to eat a healthier meal that night. In fact, you can do the same other days. Do not jump from special meal to special meal without eating healthily.

2. Choose the healthiest option

Against the endless amount of food that is going to be served, we can always choose the “healthiest” option. Starters such as seafood, ham, olives tend to be quite good choices actually.

On the contrary, others can be extremely caloric


Fat-free products with more protein will be the best ones

Focus on the main meal, which tends to be either meat or fish. You can also match this dish with plenty of vegetables.

3. Careful with the dessert

The cherry on top of a Christmas meal is a endless list of delicacies: marzipan, nougats, pastries, sponge cakes…

Precisely, this is the dish that tends to provide more calories


We need to control how much we eat…

This is not about eating nothing, rather, we have to be aware that moderation is the key.

4. What you drink is also important

But eating too much is not the only thing we do during Christmas. In fact, we also drink too much.

There is no better choice than water.

Drink with cinnamon

This type of drinks contain a lot of sugar and they will only add more calories to your Christmas meals

But if you want to enjoy other drinks, either refreshments or alcohol, do it so moderately

5. Do not stop exercising

Make the most of the extra time you have during the holidays and use some of it to do exercise.

You will not only buffer the negative effects of the copious meals, but you will also maintain a routine.

Christmas kettlebells

If you follow a healthy lifestyle, there will be less temptations. You will not get carried away by the spirit of Christmas and you will avoid weight gain during Christmas.

Here you have some tips to Do Exercise During Christmas

6. Do not bring leftovers home

This is something that most mothers do: make sure that we have plenty of food.

After enjoying a special meal, the best thing to do is not bring more portions home with you.

In the end, if you bring that type of food home, you will end up eating it

Christmas pie

If you believe that that meal will not help you reach your goals, you will have more than enough with what you ate during the holidays

Of course, the decision of what you eat or not is yours and only yours. But it is hard to make a good decision when there are so many temptations. So, as the saying goes, prevention is better than the cure

7. Enjoy yourself without feeling guilty

Christmas is about sharing our time with those we love. But do not forget our tips to avoid weight gain during Christmas!

Food plays an important role in this tradition, but do not forget what truly matters

Meal with family and friends

Enjoy these days and make sure you get enough energy for the upcoming year

Do not forget, food is not the only thing you have to celebrate

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