Herbs to Quit Smoking

Herbs to Quit Smoking

Everyone who smokes or has smoked for a while knows how hard it can be to quit. In this sense, we can benefit from the properties of certain plants and herbs to quit smoking.

Of all the people who propose it, very few manage to give up definitively the pleasure provided by cigarettes, despite knowing the serious harm to health.

Dangers of tobacco

According to the WHO, tobacco is responsible for 7 million deaths annually, caused by the diversity of diseases that this harmful addiction causes to develop and the substances that it possesses.

Healthy lungs

The main ones that stand out are the pathologies related to the heart and lungs, with heart attacks and cancer being the main protagonists of the list.

Although infertility, erectile dysfunction, paralysis and hair loss, are also considered some of the possible consequences.

Information according to the WHO

At present, there are more than a billion people that smoke, this being 13% of the world’s population today, who are exposing their lives and those of their loved ones to the evils that nicotine and other toxic substances cause.

The WHO confirms, that within one cigarette “4000 chemical products, of which at least 250 are known to be harmful, and more than 50 cause cancer” can be identified.

In this respect, it is important to remember that when it comes to people who are surrounded by smokers, there is a high potential for them to develop second-hand smoke diseases.


Continually, new ways to quit smoking are tested out, looking to alleviate the worst withdrawal symptoms

According to WHO, “Second-hand tobacco smoke causes about 890,000 premature deaths each year”.

Of these, children tend to be one of the most affected groups, with 18% of deaths being attributed to them in their latest data for 2004.

Due to its success, natural options such as herbs have gained solid support quickly

Herbs to quit smoking

Tobacco is considered one of the most harmful addictions today, as it is especially difficult to give up, easy to buy, offers immediate effect and is not costly as other addictions.

Certain infusions are recommended to deal with the physical and mental dependence that smoking causes its users.

The recommended plants and herbs include:

Relaxing Medicinal Plants

Considering that one of the most common and most difficult symptoms of abstinence is the anxiety that occurs, the most recommended smoking cessation herbs are those with sedative properties.
Herbs pills

Among these we can find Chamomile, Lavender, Lime, Pasiflora, Ashwagandha, Licorice Root, Hops and Hawthorn

Any type of infusion with these herbs, seek to loosen tension in the nervous system, allowing the person to rest, offering tranquility and peace during episodes of anxiety.

This is possible because it slows the heart rate and blood pressure, allowing the body to remain relaxed.

Alongside this, because of the anxiety that occurs, weight gain tends to be one of the main consequences when you quit smoking, making it necessary to consume these herbs that help you quit smoking without adding extra weight on.

All these are prepared in different ways and with different concentrations, depending on the plant and on who consumes it. However, it is recommended to take it at least once a day or when the worst episodes of anxiety occur.

One of the simplest and most recommended recipes is the infusion of passionflower, which is made with 5 grams of leaves of this herb and 250 ml of hot water. If you want to know more about this plant click on: Passiflora incarnata.

Sedative Medicinal Plants

Because of anxiety, rest and sleep at night is presented as a titanic task for the consumer’s body.

For this reason, herbs that help to stop smoking that have sedative properties are recommended for those suffering from insomnia.

Herbs to quit smoking

Of these, the ones that stand out are: the Poppy, the Sweet Orange, the Kava, the Schisandra, the Artemisa and the Angelica

Although these are herbs to quit smoking without gaining weight, you have to take into account certain aspects and side effects that can occur in cases where they are not consumed in the appropriate manner.

These herbs can be either consumed through infusions or capsules, as is the case with relaxing plants.

For this type in particular, it is especially recommended to consume them in the second way in order to have a greater control of the concentrations

Stimulating Plants

Nicotine is the substance that generates the addiction produced by smoking a cigarette.

Its effects are supposed to be really pleasant, thanks to increased attention and memory, along with a considerable decrease in irritability.


This same component is considered a poison

According to the article by Naukas, nicotine, and electronic cigarettes, is one of the “most addictive chemical compounds known, superior to heroin or cocaine”

Stimulant plants are therefore recommended to combat the effects of nicotine depletion on the body.

For this, we rely on central nervous system toning plants, which are useful to deal with the decrease in energy and vitality produced by quitting smoking.

To combat it, you tend to opt for herbs to quit smoking such as: Korean Ginseng , Green Tea, Maca and Winter Savoury

In addition, there is a fruit known as Noni, whose effects are able to combat this lack of stimulation.

This is due to the fact that it has in its composition a substance named proxeropin, which, when combined with serotonin that is produced in the brain, produces xeronine. This is a molecule that helps the body’s cells and hormones to act and work correctly without distractions.

It is considered as such a useful stimulant that there are drugs that possess its chemical structure.

Quit smoking without gaining weight

Apart from all these herbs that quit smoking without gaining weight, an aspect that is little taken into consideration but equally believed to play a role in the abstinence process.

The habit of having a cigarette in your hand increases anxiety in the absence of this cigarette…

Root liquorice

For this, one of the herbs that helps to quit smoking thanks to its relaxing properties, that can also be considered as a substitute for cigarettes, is the licorice root


In conclusion, when it comes to getting away from nicotine addiction, despite having a set of herbs to quit smoking as an ally, the only real way to achieve this is through strength of your willpower and decision.

Stop smoking

As although this is an extremely difficult process to complete, it is vital to be clear about the objective in order to achieve it


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