Control your anxiety during quarantine

Control your anxiety during quarantine

In this article we will be giving you recommendations for controlling anxiety during quarantine.

In the year 2020 life changed for all of us as a result of the preventative lockdown measures to avoid being contaminated by the infectious coronavirus.

Many people just like you, that were used to being able to go for a walk in the park, have a coffee with friends and of course, work in their office, to name a few examples had to isolate themselves either with their family or alone due to the imposition of a quarantine designed to protect the population.

Despite this protection, many people started to feel anxiety when faced with the total freezing of their regular daily outdoor activities.

For this reason alone, if you are part of the group affected by the dire and stressful symptoms of upset, we aim to bring to you the best tips and strategies to control those feelings of worry and uncertainty during lockdown.

Doing exercise at home

If you feel that you can no longer cope with your anxiety, start an exercise routine at home to push to one side the harsh feelings produced by upset and lack of calmness.

That way you’ll release endorphins and help yourself to feel gradually calmer.

In your home, you could make a start by doing abs workouts, working out your arms with water bottles, and If you don’t have weights, you can do squats followed by stretching to avoid injuring yourself.

Remember that if you live in a block of flats you can walk up and down stairs to get rid of all the stress that is bringing you down , as long as you make sure to check that there is nobody else using the space or that you are suitably protected by a face mask and gloves. Set yourself the challenge, trying to increase intensity gradually and doing the routine at least three times a week for better wellbeing.

This is a great way to control your anxiety and tone your body

Training home

Don’t forget to wash your hands after finishing your session.

Here at HSN we have put togetherthe best home-based exercise routine which needs no additional equipment. Visit this link.

Don’t watch news that could make you more anxious

If you are prone to feeling highly disturbed by the unpleasant news reports that can be found online and on TV, switch off and avoid them at all costs. They could be damaging your wellbeing.

Why not watch a series or pick up a good book that you know you’ll enjoy and ignore those worrying comments that pop up regarding the current situation, in order to look after yourself as best as possible during lockdown.

Read Book

There’s never been a better reason to take up reading.

This will help you achieve inner peace and strength to keep going when these scenarios come up.

Opt for wellness-based routines

Organise a schedule of all the things that you have to do during the course of each the day , this will motivate you to keep getting on with things, especially considering that habits are sometimes difficult to break when people get used to them.

Anxiety is a hidden enemy that can get you down and paralyse you, which is all the more reason to choose wellness routines.

Draw up a timetable for your working day like a great home-based worker, stopping for lunch and using the rest of your time for exercise, reading, games or just the simple things like having a bath or shower, something vital for cleaning off all of the grime after a long virtual day of work, cooking or exercise at home.


That way you’ll keep anxiety under control during lockdown by keeping yourself occupied with day and nighttime activities.

Don’t let worry and depression, other symptoms that can occur during these situations, get the better of you.

Positive thinking

Difficult times happen, the important thing how to get these under control before they trip you.

That’s why it’s vital to have an optimistic attitude and remind yourself that better things are coming your way.

Reassure yourself that nothing bad is going to happen to you andeverything will be ok, that your family and friends will also stay in good health.
Imagine a productive future and don’t let bitterness and depression born out of anxiety take over as these can really get anyone down and cause negative thoughts.


Just ignore them, and keep in mind that good things are coming your way.

Step by step we’ll start getting back to a bit of normality, all the while we try to look at the positive side of every situation and look at the lesson we can learn from all of this.

Keep in touch online

Loneliness can be your worst enemy if you’re not used to experiencing it , which is why staying in touch with your closest family and friends is important for keeping up your spirits especially if you’ve had a particularly bad episode or attack of anxiety after so many days in quarantine.

Online chat

Get everything off your chest and this will make you feel better even if it doesn’t seem so

Having said all of this, if you have a more severe problem, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your psychiatrist and seek help for those problems that can develop as a result of anxiety symptoms.

Stay active: the best strategy for defeating anxiety

Don’t get carried away thinking about things that haven’t even happened. Don’t let yourself get knocked down! Stay active!

This is the best solution for getting back out of that black hole that is anxiety Write, paint, tidy and clean your house: don’t allow the standards you have set in your home to slip

Use feelings of uncertainty to exercise your creativity and achieve great things. Watch videos of cats, dogs, cooking. Whatever you fancy!

You can also take advantage of these moments to play and dance.

Stay active

Stay active and avoid falling into anxiety’s trap!

If you decide to go out to do exercise at the times that you are now allowed to do so, do it using common sense and responsibility.

Stress relieving drinks

Drink less coffee and try relaxing drinks like teas that are made without caffeine, chamomile or valerian.

If you feel tormented by catastrophizing every situation, this will help you calm your stomach which could also be suffering because of your nerves and help you overcome the insomnia that can also be caused by days spent in lockdown.
Relaxing tea

If you aren’t sure which one might be the best for you, get in touch with your dietician and they can help you choose.

Just remember to avoid consuming too much caffeine as this can cause you to get easily stressed or worked up and will just drag out your periods of anxiety even more. On some occasions, it can also cause loss of sleep.

The art of self-care to deal with lockdown

  • If you have kids, make fun plans that stop them getting anxious
  • If you have plants, look after them and show off your gardening skills
  • And if you have pets,play with them as they could also be experiencing sadness.

Survive lockdown

Try to keep a positive and upbeat spirit and avoid that others being overcome with this awful emptiness and anxiety.

Recommendations for when we are allowed out

It’s also worth remembering that if you go out with your kids at some point when quarantine is relaxed, remember to make sure that they wash their hands thoroughly to avoid becoming a source of contagion of coronavirus.

By doing this, you’ll protect them and yourself.

Furthermore, don’t forget to clean your floors and the soles of your shoes in order to avoid any nasty surprises.

However, if you don’t want to risk yourself, teach your kids to have fun at home and this could be a great way to reduce their anxiety doing something that you all enjoy.


A great way to forget about the lockdown and get a good night’s sleep


To sum up, there are so many things you can do to control anxiety during quarantine

You just have to keep telling yourself it’ll be ok

That’s why it’s so important to put aside unpleasant news and stay active at home in order to not fall into the cycle of anxiety


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