Gluten-free sport supplements

Gluten-free sport supplements

Doing physical exercise demands a good nutrition and taking sport supplement to avoid any deficiency. However, celiac people or those who suffer gluten intolerance have problems when it comes to finding gluten-free sport supplements.

Most companies from the sport nutrition sector do not specify if their products are Gluten-Free or not. Moreover, the task of deciphering if a product is suitable for celiac people can be discouraging due to the issue of cross-contamination.

We invite you to learn more about what is gluten and what are its effects on the body

Even the smallest amount can trigger a series of side effects in celiac people. That is why companies should be extremely careful when labelling a product as “Gluten-Free”.

Some of these products were suitable for celiac people when we wrote the article. Some of them may not gluten-free anymore due to their manufacturing process (cross-contamination). If that’s the case, check the product information to see if it is gluten-free or not.

We have carefully crafted this list of sport supplements for celiac people:

Essential fatty acids

Amino acids

Natural Anabolics


Nitric Oxide

Gluten-free logo


Hydrolyzed Beef

Whey Isolate

Whey Concentrate


Vegetable Proteins

Weight loss

Joint Health

Vitamins and minerals

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