Liquid Creatine, is it even effective?

Liquid Creatine, is it even effective?

There are quite a few brands that try to sell liquid creatine as a “convenient” way to take creatine, rather than invest in powder or capsules.

Well, I would like to show you the ineffectiveness of this type of creatine, mainly because it becomes creatinine.

What is Liquid Creatine used for?

The objective of Liquid Creatine is the same as creatine monohydrate or creatine Kre-Alkalyn®. To sum up, it is basically to increase the maximum strength and muscle resistance, improve the recovery and gain lean muscle mass. Particularly, these properties will be useful regarding sports, although creatine also has properties to improve the cognition and brain function).

Busting the Efficacy of Liquid Creatine

It is said that liquid creatine does not require a loading phase, it does not produce water retention and it has a more immediate effect than other creatine types. The question in this case is whether liquid creatine is really more effective than traditional creatine (powder or capsules). So, we will analyze its efficacy in terms of its breakdown into creatinine.


First of all, creatinine is a waste molecule that is produced by the muscle metabolism. All this happens naturally in the human body (approximately a 2% of the creatine is transformed into creatinine every day). Then, the blood transports creatinine from the muscles to the kidneys. These organs filter most of the creatinine and excrete it through the urine.

Breakdown of Creatine into Creatinine

Side Effects of Liquid Creatine

Loss of efficacy

On average, 20-30 days can pass from the moment the liquid creatine is made until it reaches the hands of the customer. This would mean that the liquid creatine would have already undergone a 40-60% of breakdown into creatinine in each bottle…before even taking the first dose!

Total conversion to creatinine

If a bottle or several vials of liquid creatine lasts about a month… we would take the last dose around 60 days after its production (if not more). This is more than enough time to have a creatinine product instead of a creatine one.

Molecular structure of creatine and creatinine

It goes without saying that when we use powder, we dilute it in water and take it immediately. Above all, the creatine remains stable, preventing its breakdown.

All this has been supported by some studies which compared the intake of liquid creatine and creatine monohydrate. The result was that the liquid creatine did not have any ergogenic effects.

A personal thought

Do not be fooled, even if they sell it like the latest revolution in creatine supplements, with the highest bioavailability or the most comfortable format. This type of creatine does not work; it is a physical-chemical issue.

Conclusion: Liquid Creatine is not effective


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