10 Benefits of creatine that you should know

10 Benefits of creatine that you should know

In the last decades, creatine has become one of the most common supplements at the gym. In fact, it now sits at the top of the most popular supplements along with Whey Protein. This affordable and safe product will improve your sport performance and help you gain more muscle mass. But that is not all, let’s see what are the 10 main benefits of creatine:


Enhancing the sport performance

And a lot! However, we are going to set some limits. Not everyone responds to this type of supplementation and they feel frustrated because creatine does nothing for them. Without any doubt, this is only a small percentage of the population when compared to the huge number of people who take advantage of the benefits from creatine. Click here if you want to find out more information about the supplement.

The main benefit related to this ergogenic product is the fact that it keeps the ATP reserves full. This is the type of energy that your body uses in order to perform any action (including movement).

When it comes to exercise, this fact is significantly more relevant. Above all, high intensity physical activities demand a constant energy supply for the muscle contraction. And what better way to do so than to having the energy deposits full?

Improving the post-workout recovery

This is probably one of the most important aspects of creatine. Not in vain, this supplement enhances the post-workout glycogen synthesis in order to provide more glycogen to the muscle.

We know that a running out of muscle glycogen is one of the main triggers of muscle fatigue during the workout. Therefore, being able to recharge said substance during the post-workout recovery will enhance this process. This is when creatine comes into play.

Moreover, those who take the recommended dose of creatine have more isokinetic and isometric strength. Finally, did you know that this supplement is not only advised for strength-power athletes, but also for endurance athletes?

Cognitive performance

Sharpening the cognitive capacities

This supplement can cross the blood-brain barrier, which will increase the brain creatine levels in a 5-15%.

After all, creatine is an ATP vector the main source of energy for the human body. In addition, the tissues that store ATP can equally use it as energy.

To top it all, an adequate dose of this supplement will also decrease the mental fatigue and improve the cognitive function. Above all, we want to highlight its outstanding role in the development of the memory.

Preventing age-related sarcopenia

Together with strength training, creatine is capable of dealing with one of the most harmful diseases among elderly people: sarcopenia and functional inability. If you want to feel young as you age, this will be the best way to do so!

Recovering from an injury

Supporting the rehabilitation process

The reason is quite simple: one of the potential uses of creatine would be helping those who have gone through a surgery, disability or disease. This is due to its role in muscle and strength gains, avoiding muscle atrophy and sarcopenia.

But, how effective is creatine in this regard?

Well, according to the information from a series of studies, it seems that creatine can avoid the onset of sarcopenia. In fact, this would be specially relevant during post-surgery periods or when suffering incapacitating diseases.

Shift-workers will not want to let go of creatine!

What we are going to tell you know is going to benefit millions of shift-workers. For example, health professionals, those who work at airports or security, among many others.

The circumstances that workers have to go through can result in sleep deprivation. This problem only gets worse since they need to stay alert in order to do their job.

Another of the benefits of creatine seems to be a nootropic effect. Above all, the researchers are studying its effects on the performance and muscle-skeletal system.

Protecting the neurons

There are several studies that point to the fact that cell death is caused by a lack of cell energy. Therefore, having plenty of energy (ATP) will protect our cells against toxins.

All in all, using creatine as an extra source of ATP will protect a high percentage of your neurons. Otherwise, this neural damage could be quite harmful for your health.

If I have suffered a heart attack, is creatine useful at all? Even though there are not many studies about this aspect, we could at least say that prophylactic supplementation with creatine has benefits for patients who can suffer a myocardial infarction or ictus.


Anti-aging properties!

Are you worried about the inexorable passing of time? It happens to all of us! Good news is that there is more evidence that claims that creatine has anti-aging properties due to its pleiotropic effects. Above all, this will help you use the energy from your body more efficiently.

Do you want to know other properties associated with the antioxidant effect of this supplement? Grab a pen and paper since it will improve the energy bioavailability and the mitochondrial capacity.

And what about the benefits of creatine for diabetes?

The supplementation with this substance can help to enhance the effects of exercise on blood glucose.

High glucose levels has harmful effects for health. For instance, it can damage the eyes, kidneys or nervous system. Doing physical exercise lowers the glucose levels and creatine makes the muscle more receptive when it comes to absorbing glucose.

Can it prevent injuries?

First of all, we need to take into account that there are several factors involved in the risk of injury. For example, there can be psychological factors and others that are more tangible like the quality of rest, physical aptitudes, the intensity and nature of the exercise, chance, etc.

However, the current literature suggests that athletes who use creatine supplementation are less prone to suffer: muscle cramps, dehydration, heat strokes, pain, muscle overexertion and injuries.

The reason why creatine can lower the risk of injury could be due to a better performance, strength, work capacity or all these factors together.

After talking about the benefits of creatine, we just realized how much can people change their minds! Nobody thought that a supplement that was on the spotlight for so long would be studied for its positive effects for our health.


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