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Tandem Fitness is a couple that is passionate about sport, nutrition and health

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Tandem Fitness is made up by Sonia and Carlos, a couple that is passionate about sport, nutrition and strength training.

Both combine their passion with a healthy lifestyle.

Carlos is a professional with more than 10 years of experience in this field, and many more of practice :) He currently works as a personal trainer in Valencia.

Their principles are to always priorize health, use scientific evidence and encourage healthy habits instead of esthetic purposes.

He is currently working with more than 100 customers that he helps to progress towards their objectives.

Sonia is a great competitor, strict and tenacious. Moreover, she is also learning to become a very good personal trainer. She currently manages the social media of Tandem Fitness, with which she tries to share the benefits of a fitness lifestyle with her own example, both in terms of diet and training. She has also been recently encouraging people to go vegan like her.

Some of their future plans include growing as professional within the Fitness field. This year, Sonia is going for the WNBF Pro Card and she could even become a professional of the most important natural bodybuilding federation in the world. Moreover, if everything goes according to plan, she will compete in the worlwide championship that will held in Los Angeles at the end of November.

Some of their most remarkables collaborations are the ones with HSN and Estatera Apparel.

  • Carlos: Personal Trainer and Certified Bodybuilding Trainer. Moreover, he has complementary studies in Sport nutrition, science of training and injury rehabilitation at the ICNS. Graduated in Communication Sciences at the University of Girona, more specifically in advertising and public relations.

  • Sonia: Bikini fitness competitor, she won the Catalonia championship and a bronze medal in the Spanish championship in 2016, she also won at Valencia in 2017. She is currently getting ready for the WNBF Spanish championship. Moreover, she has studied to be a Physical Trainer. She is also a veterinary assistant.

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