Sergio Espinar

Sergio Espinar

Sport Nutritionist, specialized in fat loss and health in Women

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He has devoted himself to nutrition since 2010, Sergio Espinar has worked with many elite athletes. Moreover, he has tought in many different courses and masters.

He has been a part of collectives as personal trainer or dietist-nutritionist. He has always been connected to the world of sport.

It goes without saying that he is a national and international referent, he has worked as a nutritional advisor for several athletes. Ex-professor at the UNED foundation.

Some of his future plans consists of writing a book about nutrition and get a PhD. He has recently joined the team Iraki Nutrition as a researcher and coach.

He collaborates with the NSCA and he is a member of the group Better By Science, as well as the UMA team (University of Malaga).

He was also a speaker in the five editions of the Fitness School organized by HSN.

  • Degree in Pharmacy
  • Degree in Dietetics and nutrition
  • Focused on fat loss and growth of muscle mass

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