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Paloma is interested in learning and researching about the latest scientific advances and studies due to her passion for everything that is related to training, physical exercise and health.

She is extremely capable of organizing and planning her work, of adapting to new methods, technologies, exercises, etc. that are published in recent cientific studies.

Some of her most outstanding qualities are knowing how to work as a team, listening to and accepting constructive criticism in order to improve.

Paloma is an experienced high performance athlete who has practiced Athletics for more than 20 years.

She has competed in several Spanish Championships such as medium and long distance cross country and track running trials. She has trained people from all levels in running as well as to improve their health and physical condition; apart from planning and training for police and firefighter physical tests.

She is also in charge of managing media platforms related to training, Athletics, physical exercise, health and physical condition.

Some of her more relevant achievements are:

  • Personal and running trainer.
  • Writer at the HSN blog.
  • Trainer at the Elche Athletic Youth Athletics club.
  • Sport advisor at the Running section in Decathlon Murcia Thader.

Her future plans include completely focusing on her career as a personal trainer, as well as contributing to spreading her knowledge about all that is related to training and physical exercise in social media.

  • Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science.
  • Powerexplosive Master.
  • Powerexplosive Training.
  • Personal and running trainer.
  • High performance athlete.

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