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Carlos Gallardo

Physical preparation and readaptation of injuries in professional football players.

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He is passionate about sports in general and particularly about football. Moreover, he has a lot of experience in the world of physical/sport readaptation. Carlos is a professional that is constantly learning, trying to stay up to date with the latest scientific research when it comes both to his readaptation techniques and his articles. In addition, he is a strong advocate of Evidence Based Training.

His passion for research has led him to specialize in different technologies for elite athletes: GPS or global positioning systems, infrared thermogeraphy or isoinertial strength devices.

His aim is to apply all these techniques to injury prevention and readaptation processes. In fact, he works in the readaptation of the professional junior football players from the Rayo Vallecano Football Club from Madrid.

His growing interest in scientific divulgation makes him adapt the most innovative prevention and readaptation methods for the general public. That way, he proposes different methods and protocols so that any amateur athlete may be able to use them too.

Finally, he stands for a healthy lifestyle, which is why he has become more and more interested in topics surrounding sports nutrition and supplementation. For him, both topics create a powerful duality in order to reach success in the world of sports. This is something called "invisible training". 

  • Degree in Physical Education.
  • Degree in Science of the Physical Activity and Sports (Mention in High Performance).
  • University Expert in Football Physical Preparation.
  • Specialist in the use of Infrared Thermography for injury prevention and readaptation.

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