Brais Ruibal

Brais Ruibal

Enthusiastic about physical exercise and sport

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About the author

Brais Ruibal has a lot of experience as a professional, which has helped him realize how a quality formation is key to succeed.

In his own words, he has "simple" professional values, believing that sport is an easy way of coming together and integrating people.

Thus, the purpose of said activity would be creating a synergy between work and discipline. These premises are indispensable in our current society, specially when aspects like respect and other values have been forsaken.

Regarding learning, it is specially important not to fall in a routine, that is why he keeps on learning to stay up to date.

Formation and Experience

  • Degree in CAFYD (UDC)
  • PhD in CAFYD (UDC)
  • Master in Teacher Formation (UDC)
  • Swimming Superior Trainer (RFEN)
  • Football Sport Superior Technician
  • Aquatic Rescue Professor (GIAAS)
  • Content creator at "Mundo Entrenamiento"

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