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Anabel Ávila

CrossFit lover and loyal follower of the Paleo Diet

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Anabel started her adventure in social media in 2013. Since then, her aim has always been to encourage and teach others to follow a healthier, active and balanced life.

Since that moment, she progressively started to work with leading brands related to sports: HSN, Nike, PowerDot...

One of her most remarkable professional jobs was being a monitor at Body Pump and CX WORX in Sydney, Australia.

She has created content in since 2013. One of her most relevant work experiences was to bring the Spanish audience closer to the CrossFit Games after travelling there several years to report everything in her Youtube channel.

She has written a book: “Yo Soy Paleo” ("I Am Paleo"). One of her future plans consists of publishing a paleo recipe book as a continuation of her previous book.

Above all, she stands out due to her viewpoint on what a healthy lifestyle should be, priorizing a Paleo diet and doing CrossFit.

Studies and Experience

  • Degree in Business Administration and Management
  • Level 2 personal trainer (E.H.F.A. level 4)
  • Advanced Sport Nutritionist

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